Just like all other technologies and machines that have been made, smartphones were meant to make life easier. Today, Android and iOS have taken over the operating system to which smartphones run. Thousands of apps are currently available for both OS to enhance the overall experience of the user with the smartphone. In truth, it is these apps that make smartphones very useful to people’s daily lives. Apps have a wide range of specialties including gaming, reading, physical health, photo-editing, organizing, and many more. And with the 24/7 lives of various people, organizing time through apps have never been more important. By organizing your time, you can boost your productivity and manage your tasks effectively. Here are five free apps that will help you get organized.

1. Any.do

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This app allows you to make lists for various tasks such as shopping or work to do and it allows you to manage your tasks easier. It includes a feature called the Any.do moment which encourages the habit of reviewing your daily tasks so that you’re more likely to accomplish everything in time. Moreover, you can activate geolocation reminders for this app. Conclusively, Any.do is a great companion for organizing and taking note of tasks and goals. It’s free and upgradable to premium for only $2.99 a month.

2. Wunderlist

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Creating lists is the very first step when you hope to accomplish certain tasks and goals. Wunderlist allows you to make a list of anything and everything you need to make a list of. This way, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your grocery list at home again. You can also make a list of movies you want to watch, places you want to travel to, tasks you have to finish by the end of the day, or anything else you want to keep a track of. You can even share your lists with your friends or comment on others’ lists and your own.

3. EasilyDo

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EasilyDo is a free iPhone app that works as your personal assistant and automation machine. This way, the app can do a variety of simple tasks for you to promote productivity and efficiency. You start by connecting the app to online services such as your email, social media accounts, calendar, and more, then EasilyDo will look for simple things it can do to help you get easily done. For instance, it lets you set up birthday greetings on Facebook in advance, or it asks whether you’d like a certain new address to be added in your contacts, and so forth.

4. TripIt

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Time flies by quickly when you’re on vacation. Without even realizing it, it’s time for you to go home and you haven’t even visited the places you want to visit yet. TripIt helps you organize everything that needs to be organized on your trip. It allows you to build travel itineraries and automatically includes tools to get directions and weather forecasts as well as options for restaurant bookings, theatre tickets, activities, and more. TripIt is available for free for both Android and iOS but you can upgrade to pro for only $3.99.

5. ifttt

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The ifttt derives its app name from the tag phrase, “if this, then that” and that’s exactly what the app does. It’s an incredibly simple app that allows you to manage and automate digital tasks much easier and much faster. For example, if you add a new contact in Gmail, then the app will automatically save the person’s contact information to your Evernote account. The app can even manage a range of devices. This comes especially in handy if you’re planning to turn your home into a smart home. For example, if you get into your smart bed, then the app will turn off the lights for you. The best part is that ifttt is available for free.