Your bedroom is the place in your home where you truly get to relax as you end the day in slumber. That’s why it’s very important for your room to be as comfortable as possible. Everything you have in your room contributes to its general appeal. Your room should be appealing to you so that you won’t have a hard time relaxing and falling asleep. One way you can make your room comfortable is by decorating it the way you want. Decorating your room doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are tons of creative room decorations you can make by yourself to truly make your bedroom your own. Here are seven DIY room décor you can take inspiration from in decorating your room.

1. Aztec Washi Tape Door Décor

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Yet again, washi tape proves its incredible and versatile decorating powers through this cool Aztec design door decoration. Start off by drawing guidelines in your door to form an Aztec design. Then simply follow the guidelines you made using washi tape. Opt for plain coloured washi tapes such as black and purple instead of those more colourful, patterned ones.

2. Tapestry Design

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The walls are often hard to decorate without overdoing or underdoing the decorations. And when you do decorate your walls, the wall space above the head of your bed is often overlooked. Add some colour to the space behind your bed by hanging up a colourful tapestry or rug. Otherwise, you’d have a plain empty space that is even more accentuated by a bed without a headboard.

3. Flower Lights

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Fairy lights are very popular when it comes to room décor since it adds an intimate and soft lighting to the room which makes the room look even better especially at night. Take the fairy lights a step further by making flower lights instead. All you need to do is cut a few coloured cupcake liners into flower and leaf shapes then punch a hole in the middle of each. Fit the bulbs of the fairy lights into the holes to finish the flower lights.

4. Old Frame Jewelry Organizer

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Keeping all your accessories and jewelries stashed away in a drawer or jewelry box will disorganize it and will take you more time to find the accessory you need. As a solution, hang up a jewelry organizer made of an old frame to efficiently organize your jewelries with the added benefit of decorating your walls. Simply replace the middle of the frame with mesh wire to hang your earrings in then add hooks at the bottom for your necklaces. Hanging up jewelries will add an elegant touch to your room.

5. Colourful pillows pile

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Piling up pillows on your bed is an easy way to decorate your room. It will add a barrage of colours and patterns in your room in a matter of seconds. Combine different pillow colours and patterns such as large prints with small ones or florals with geometrics to really make the colours pop and stand out.

6. Washi Tape Switch Cover

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One unique way to decorate your room is by covering the light switch covers with washi tape. Unscrew the light switch covers then line it up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally with washi tape. Use different complementary colours and patterns of washi tape to make the design stand out. The best thing about this is that once you’re tired of the design, you can easily replace it or take it off.

7. Cinderblock Bedside Table

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This room decoration is not for everyone but it’s a creative way to add an edge to your room. Place two cinderblocks vertically beside each other and then balance another horizontally on top of both. You can use the hollow spaces for a few books, a small plant, and maybe even a lamp.