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Denim is not only used for jeans—vests, jumpers, bags, shorts, and more are sometimes made out of denim fabric as well. Denim is very comfortable to wear and it never falls out of style. Wearing those brand new jeans or that lovely jumper can be very satisfying at first but eventually, after more than a couple of washes, the cloth begins to wear out. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can still make use of old denim from your clothes and items. After all, even if what once was a perfect fit is now loose in all the wrong places, denim on its own is quite durable and versatile. Instead of throwing it out, transform it into something new and useful. Here are seven ways you can repurpose your worn-out denim.

  1. Gadget Cover

You don’t need to be adept at sewing in order to make an efficient cover for your precious gadgets. All you need is some spray adhesive to manipulate the denim from your old jeans at the right places and maybe a few rhinestones for decoration. Just measure out your gadget onto the old jeans, cut with half an inch extra space beyond each measurement, adhere the hems down with spray adhesive, and secure the cover in place. This works especially great for tabs and kindles or e-book readers.

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  1. Quilt

The tightly-packed strands and thick nature of denim makes it perfect for making a quilt. To start, cut up your old denim clothes and jeans into strips. Lay the strips side-by-side to create a pattern you like with the colours. Use a cotton backing fabric and sew everything in place. Because of the heavier weight of denim fabric, assembling the quilt can be quite a challenge. But once it’s done, you’ll surely find the quilt worth the time and effort.

  1. Quilt Holder

Quilt holders won’t just hold quilts—it can also hold blankets, yoga mats, tablecloths, and pretty much anything that can be rolled up into a reasonable size. You’ll find this invention very useful especially if you’re fond of going out for picnics with your friends and family. Basically, you just have to cut off the waistband and both cuffs of an old pair of jeans. Loop the waistband through both cuffs, sew in place, and add some buttons to make usage easier.

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  1. Place Mats or Table Runners

Making place mats or table runners out of denim is just like making mini-quilts. Cut up strips of denim fabric and sew them together. Add a backing for support and it’s done. You can even just use the fabric scraps from the other denim projects you’ll make.

  1. Coaster

Denim fabric is absorbent enough to make an efficient coaster, and stylish enough to suit any event. You have the option of choosing what shape you’d like your coasters to be—circle, rectangle, square, it’s up to you. Just make sure you sew two layers of the denim fabric together so that the fabric can prevent liquid from moistening your table. You can even customize each coaster according to the occasion you’re using it for by making designs out of bleach stamps.

  1. Pot Holder

It’s incredibly easy to make a pot holder out of old denim. You just have to sew layers of layers of any type of fabric scraps on top of each other, with the topmost being the denim fabric. Bind them up to hide the raw edges and add a loop for hanging up the pot holder.

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  1. Pillow

Nearly any type of fabric can make a good pillow as long as you have the right stuffing. Make two large squares out of denim fabric and any other fabric scrap to add some style, and sew them both together at the edges, inside-out, leaving a small space unsewn. Use this space to turn the pillow cover the right way and to stuff the stuffing inside. Close up the small space and it’s done.