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The rarest items are the most precious. Some of the rarest items earth has to offer are so difficult to find that there are only few in hand and some are believed to be endangered. And so, some of these rare items are being watched over and taken care of. It is interesting to get to know these items, these things that are part of earth’s beauty. You will not believe your eyes when you see these beautiful and rare items. Knowing that these items, animals and elements are discovered, who knows what other rare items are there for everyone to discover. Here are a few of the world’s rarest items.

  1. White Peacocks

Some animals are born white due to albinism, which gives these animals red pupils, white skin and pale nails. But these white peacocks are not due to albinism, they have a genetic mutation known as Leucism. Lack of a colourful tail does not remove the beauty in these peacocks, rather, the white tails make these peacocks look majestic.

  1. Rarest Signature

Of all the famous personas through time, only one signature can be called rare. It is of William Shakespeare, who wrote the famous tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. Though William Shakespeare has written a lot of poets and playwrights, his signature is of the greatest rarity. There are only 6 known in existence and is valued $3 million dollars.

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  1. Jewelled Squid

The Jewelled Squid, found 1,650 feet beneath the surface of the North Atlantic. The squid was named Histioteuthis hoylei. The squid was observed with mismatched eyes, the one is larger than the other.

  1. Rarest Stamp

The rarest known stamp is the Treskilling Yellow stamp from Sweden. It is worth $2.3 million. It is valuable as it was printed in 1858 and the currency was still known as skilling. The usual 3-skilling stamp was normally printed in blue, 8-skilling in yellow. Due to a printing error, a few 3-skilling was printed in yellow, making it today’s rarest stamp.

  1. Amabito No Moshio

Amabito No Moshio is a rare type of sea salt produced in Japan. It is collected in an unpolluted inland sea and undergoes many processes before it is sold in the market, such as centrifugation and cooking under open fire. Due to its complexity and sensitive production, it is the most expensive and rare sea salt. It is sold at $40 per pound.

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  1. Chinese/Japanese Lantern

The Physalis Alkekengi, the Chinese/Japanese Lantern is type of plant. It blooms during the winter and dries up on spring. Upon drying, it will show its bright red fruit covered by the skeleton-like cage that held its petals. This is a beautiful creation and is one of the rarest plants in existence.

  1. Baseball Card

The rarest baseball card is of Honus Wagner. It was sold in February of 2007 for $2.3 million, but the same card was then again sold in September of the same year for $2.8 million to a private collector. It is coined as the “Mona Lisa” of baseball cards.

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  1. Spiderman Comic Book

The rarest and most expensive comic book in existence is the first edition the Spiderman Comic book. It was published in 1963. This comic book was published in a quality advanced of its time. The comic book was originally sold for 12 cents but now is sold for 40,000 due to its rarity.

  1. Snapdragon

The Snapdragon or the Dragon Flower, which can also be called the Anthirrinum is a little plant mostly found in Europe, United States or the South Africa. Once the flower has died, it expels its seeds. Upon expelling its seeds, the flowers then start to look like little skulls. This feature of these plants makes it rare.