10 Amazing Ideas for Repurposing Old Piano


Having a piano at home probably brought you many fond memories of playing whenever you can with one of your parents or listening to your sibling bring life to the notes on the piano keys. But as with any other furniture at home, pianos tend to be worn down, even broken too. Does this mean that you will simply throw it away when the time comes? Well, if you are one of those people who can’t seem to part with their old stuff, why not transform your old piano into something else?

  1. Piano Bar. Just because your old piano is no longer working, it’s fit to be thrown away. With just a fresh coat of varnish to bring out the real wood color of the body of your piano, plus adding some racks for the wine bottles and glasses, plus converting the cover for the keys into a counter, you will have a piano bar to add to your home.
  1. Mini Office. Another amazing idea that you can do with your old piano is transforming it into your personal office. Open up the middle portion of your piano to install some lights, place your computer monitor in it and keyboard on top of the piano keys and you’re all set.
  1. Wall Shelf. Feeling more adventurous with repurposing your old piano? How about converting it into a wall shelf? Just remove the rest of the component of the piano and leave the body to hang on a vacant wall. Add some shelves in it and you will have more storage to keep your books and other home decors.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Garden Planter. If your old piano is no longer fit for the indoors, why not take it outdoors and make it a nice centerpiece for your garden? Convert your old piano into a garden planter where you can use the inside as a home for blossoming plants to make it more interesting.
  1. Tool Storage. Another idea that is worth considering when it comes to your old piano is converting it into a storage unit for the garage. It’s always nice to have your tools organized so you will know where everything is. Plus the wood of the piano can make a nice accent too.
  1. Reading Station. With a little bit of hammering and varnishing, you can transform your old piano into your very own reading station. Add some shelves and drawers to keep your favorite books, install some lighting fixtures, and leave a chair and you’ll have a fancy reading station in your home.
  1. Wall Décor. If your walls are looking bare at the moment, your old piano may just be the thing it needs. Just like in the case of wall shelves, you can add your own decorative pieces on your old piano such as your own art, vases, and the like to make it pop out. It’s a fun way to add depth to your space.
  1. Headboard. Music lovers will surely love to have a headboard made from old piano. If you’re handy with hardware equipment and you have lots of free time in your hands, this might be a good project for you when it comes to disposing of your old piano.
  1. Garden Fountain. Although this DIY project may be a bit tougher to do, it is still one of the best ideas that you can do with your old piano or you can hire a professional to help you set up your new garden fountain. Add some plants inside your piano and your neighbors will be complimenting you on your beautiful garden ornament.
  1. Aquarium. Another amazing idea on what you can do with your old piano, transform it into an aquarium. Again, you will need some professional help with this to ensure that the glass will fit nicely with the frame of your old piano. Add the necessary decorations and equipment and you’ll have a nice piece to go in your living room.