10 Apps That Will Make You Smarter

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Nowadays, people are not only looking for approachability and sociability, being reasonably smart is part of the equation as well. One way you can train your brain during spare hours will need nothing more than what you already carry around everywhere you go—your smartphone. Smartphones are very convenient since they come with downloadable apps that specialize on certain tasks. Some are made for organizing, some for editing photos, some for socializing, and some for entertainment. There are actually a handful of brain-training mobile apps you can download as well that will provide you with a beneficial cognitive exercise. This way, you’ll be doing more for your brain than Candy Crush or Color Switch can ever do. Here are ten apps that will make you smarter.

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  1. Fooducate

Just as the name suggests, Fooducate will educate with important nutritional facts about food. It allows you to scan items for nutritional information so you’ll find which foods are the best for you. This way, you can find the best buys and you’ll be able to enjoy healthy food that tastes good as well.

  1. Blinkist

Blinkist will provide you with 15-minute written and audio summaries for over 1,000 influential nonfiction books, covering topics such as current affairs, health, history, psychology, and more. This way, you can learn more in less time while doing other simple tasks like cooking or folding laundry. The app is a great way to discover new books as well. If you find something intriguing, go ahead and download the entire book.

  1. Lumosity Brain Trainer

Lumosity is a brain-training game designed by neuroscientists aimed to enhance your cognitive brain functions. The app is based on the theory of neuroplasticity and was made to be addictive, challenging, yet fun to strengthen your memory and attention.

  1. NYTimes Crosswords

Challenging crosswords are a great way to stimulate your brain, improve your knowledge, and increase your intelligence. NYTimes Crosswords allows you to solve the same crossword puzzles that are published in the newspaper. Once you subscribe, you can even solve tomorrow’s crossword puzzle today.

  1. Brain Bomb

Brain bomb is a challenging app with 180 exercises aimed to test your memory, judgement, speed, precision, and thinking. In fact, according to the creators, only 1% of the population is capable of solving all of the brain training exercises that they have provided.

  1. Owl

There are an infinite number of facts around the world and new ones form every day without your knowing. Get an access to a wide range of random facts with Owl, a free app that gives you one fun fact each day. Learn facts you’ve never heard of before and astound your friends with your off-beat trivias.

  1. Health IQ

Health IQ is the perfect app for health education. You’ll learn so many facts about food intake and necessary exercise that will make you more informed about the health choices you make every day. Health IQ comes in quiz form with every question and answer approved by dietitians, trainers, doctors, and other health experts.

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  1. Inspiro

Artists, writers, actors, musicians, and even you can get creative blocks now and then. Limited imagination can make you feel trapped and uninspired. Get your creativity back with the help of Inspiro, an “imagination simulator.” Basically, the app has three chapters you can choose from: phrase generation, daydream machine, and scenario exercises.

  1. TED

TED is already a widely known academic network aimed to inform people and improve their knowledge. Fortunately, TED now has a free downloadable app filled with academic articles, videos, and lectures from some of the world’s most intellectual minds.

  1. Duolingo

Learn a new language easily and in a fun way through Duolingo. The app helps you get acquainted with a new language through short, digestible lessons in the form of pictures, speech, and writing. In fact, an independent study found that 34 hours of Duolingo is equivalent to 1 semester or 11 weeks of a university course.