10 Aspirin Hacks

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Aspirin, also known as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), is perhaps one of the most widely used over-the-counter drug. It is most commonly used for relieving pain, headache, fever, and inflammation. However, did you know that aspirin actually has a handful of other uses apart from treating pain and reducing inflammation and fever? Because aspirin is a generic medicine, many people do not feel safe taking it since it supposedly causes terrible side-effects. In fact, aspirin allegedly caused Reye’s syndrome. Whether there’s truth behind this or not, the reason why you should always have some aspirin within reach is beyond mere treatment of bodily pains. Even if aspirin may not be as safe as prescription drugs, it sure has more uses than you might have originally known. Here are ten aspirin hacks that will surely help you one way or another in the near future.

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Hack #1: Acne Treatment

Aspirin can dry out your pimples thereby help it disappear at a faster rate. Just crush a tablet or two of aspirin and mix it with enough water to form a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area then let it sit for about two minutes. Wash off afterwards with facial wash and water.

Hack #2: Ease An Incoming Heart Attack

If you feel as if a heart attack is about to come on, take some aspirin then dial your local emergency number. The anti-clotting effect of aspirin can prevent the platelets in your blood from forming thrombosis. For a more immediate effect, chew the aspirin instead of washing it down with water.

Hack #3: Temporarily Revive Dead Car Batteries

If the battery of your car suddenly gave up, drop two aspirin tablets directly into the dead battery. The acetylsalicylic acid of the aspirin coupled with the battery’s sulphuric acid will give your car one last charge—just enough to bring you to the closest auto shop.

Hack #4: Bug Bite Relief

Just as how aspirin can treat acne by drying it out, aspirin can offer bug bite relief as well. Form a paste out of crushed aspirin and water then apply onto the affected area.

Hack #5: Callus Remover

Crush six aspirin tablets then mix it with half a teaspoon each of lemon juice and water to form a paste. Apply the mixture generously all over the callus then cover the area with a warm cloth. Leave for about fifteen minutes then rub the softened callus with pumice stone to exfoliate. Rinse off afterwards.

Hack #6: Healthy Plant Water

Mixing a pill of crushed aspirin with a gallon of water is great for helping your plants fight infection and stay healthy. It can help your fruits and vegetables grow big and can help your plants resist insects and disease.

Hack #7: Fight Dandruff

Crush two aspirins into a fine powder then add it to the normal amount of shampoo you use every time you wash your hair. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing well then wash again with your regular shampoo minus the aspirin.

Hack #8: Exfoliate Your Skin

Many commercial exfoliants and facial cleansers make use of salicylic acid which can actually be found in aspirin. Make a paste out of crushed aspirin and water then gently scrub it all over your face for a cheaper exfoliating alternative. The slightly abrasive texture can make the exfoliant even more effective.

Hack #9: Make Flowers Last Longer

Keep your fresh cut flowers fresh for longer by placing them in a vase of aspirin solution. Mix a pill of crushed aspirin in a gallon of water then use the solution to fill up your vase. Keep any of the excess solution so you can use it to change the water in your vase every few days.

Hack #10: Wart Remover

Crush a couple of aspirin then apply a generous amount directly onto a wart. Cover afterwards with duct tape and your wart should be gone pretty soon. Change the improvised wart remover as often as necessary.