10 Awesome Vinegar Life Hacks you should know



    Vinegar is a liquid consisting mainly of acetic acid (CH3COOH) and water. The acetic acid is produced by the fermentation of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria. Vinegar is now mainly used as a cooking ingredient, but historically, as the most easily available mild acid, it had a great variety of industrial, medical, and domestic uses, some of which (such as a general household cleanser) are still promoted today.


    Topics covered:

    1. Unclogging a drain

    2. Removing adhesive residue

    3. Getting rid of awful smells.

    4. DIY Cleaning Products

    5. DIY Fruit fly Trap

    6. Getting Wrinkles out of clothing (My favorite)

    7. Preventing pets from scratching

    8. Make flowers last longer

    9. Cleaning your glasses perfectly

    10. Removing baked on gunk in a frying pan