10 Creative Ways to Use Old Frames


Do you have old picture frames gathering dust in your attic or garage? Instead of just taking up space in your storage, why not convert them into something more useful? Picture frames never go old as they are charming to look at and can add value to its content. So instead of throwing them away or selling them as junk, you might want to consider using them again. There are a lot of ways for you to repurpose old frames and most of them can be done with minimal effort on your part. If you want to breathe new life to your old frames, here are a few ideas to try out.

1. Serving Trays.
serving tray

Old frames can be repurposed as serving trays. Simply add a stronger backing to carry the weight of your kitchen utensils such as tea pots, cups, bowls, and other dishes. They design of the frame will make your serving tray more appealing.

2. Mirror Frame.
mirror frame
Give your mirror a vintage look by replacing its frame with one of your old picture frames. You can remove the old color from your old frame or give it a new varnish to make its color pop. Either way, your mirror will have a more interesting look than before. Just make sure that you secure the mirror in place so it won’t fall or break when you hang it on your wall.

3. Collage.
Framing a collage of pictures is another great way for you to reuse your old frames. You can arrange the frames in various heights or go for a unified look whatever you prefer. This is also a good way to display your photos where others can see them.

4. Calendar.
Calendars don’t have to look boring at all. As a matter of fact, you can make them more interesting by adding a frame to them. Repurpose your old picture frame to accommodate your calendar so you can replace the content every year.

5. Artworks.
Do you have some artwork you want to put up on display? What about favorite magazines and posters? Vintage wallpaper? They’re great as wall décor so why not frame them? Grab your old frames from storage, remove the painting or photo, and install your own art. Don’t forget to change the backing of the frame if it’s already old and add glass to protect your favorite artwork.

6. Bulletin Board.
bulletin board
Need a bulletin board in your office or work space at home? Convert your old picture frame into a bulletin board. Just add cork for backing so you can pin notes and other reminders easily.

7. Bookshelf.
Traditional book shelves are all well and good but if you want to give them style adding frames to their edges will work. Break apart old frames and glue them around your shelves to make them pop from the wall. It can also create an illusion that you’ve framed your books.

8. Side Table.
side table
Who said that your old picture frames are no longer good as decorative pieces? Look for a frame that is still sturdy and add some feet to it to create a side table. You don’t have to buy a new table anymore, plus it’s a good DIY project to do with your kids.

9. Hanging Your Plants.
plant hanger
Another great way to use old picture frames is to repurpose them into stands for your plants. Add a stand to the bottom of your frames, add hooks, and hang your plants on them. This will work nicely with your garden and will even make your outdoors more interesting to look at.

10. Extra Storage Space.
Do you need extra storage space in the kitchen? Convert your old picture frames into shelves. Built a shelf in your wall so you’ll have extra space to move around without bumping your head on these shelves. Add your old frame around it and presto! You have a framed shelf for added storage.

There are dozens of DIY projects out there that you can do with your old picture frames. From jewelry organizer, to magnetic bulletin board, all the way to coffee table tray, there are a lot of creative ways to reuse these frames. So let your creativity loose and see what else you can come up with in terms of repurposing your old picture frames.