10 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Image from Spotted Gazelle

Mothers are, without a doubt, the light of the home. They can keep a house spotless and a child growing healthy at the same time, not to mention their work during the day. Truly, every person who’s lucky enough to be at the loving care of their mother while growing up should know how to show their appreciation to their mothers even once a year—during mother’s day. Of course, you should always show your mother how much you appreciate the things she do but mother’s day is a well-needed excuse to go all out. You don’t have to spend a lot to show your mother how much you love her. In fact, mothers would appreciate gifts made out of effort more than gifts you can easily buy from the store. If you need an idea on what to give your mom, here are ten DIY mother’s day gifts that will surely make your mother smile.

  1. Vase Centerpiece

A bunch of recycled glass bottles in a wooden frame can make a beautiful centerpiece that your mother will surely love. Fill it with fresh-cut flowers to make the piece truly stand out.

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  1. Hand-Painted Bracelets

Revamp some cheap wooden bracelets by hand-painting it with bright, neon colours. Design it any way you want—you can even let the little kids help out. Get creative for a simple gift that will surely make her smile.

  1. Ombre Tote Bag

You don’t have to be skilled at dyeing fabric to create a beautiful ombre tote bag. You can get the stunning gradient effect by simply dip-dyeing a plain tote bag in a dye of your mother’s favourite color. Now your mom can have a personalized bag for all of her makeups and essentials.

  1. Photo Holder

With little more than a wooden board and some metal clips, you can make a rustic photo holder that will showcase some of your favourite memories with your mom. This is a great gift for moms who seem to have everything they want. It’s sentimental but not too cheesy either.

Image from DIY Tutorial Ideas
  1. Zipper Pouch

If your mom is fond of pouches and bags, give her something eccentric that is unlike anything she usually buys from the store by making a pouch out of little more than a bunch of zippers. Stitch the zippers together side-by-side to make a really cool small case or pouch, perfect for her phone, wallet, and other small items.

  1. Macrame Planter

Bring back the 70’s vibe by making a chic macramé planter for your mom. To make it stand out, use neon and metallic colours coupled with a small, clear vase that would look stunning when hung up. Alternatively, you can ditch the vase and use the macramé planter for air plants as well.

  1. Teacup Candles

Mothers love a pleasant-scented home. Repurpose some old china and make a vintage teacup candle with your mom’s favourite scent to make her smile as the scent wafts through the room. The teacup even adds some safety precaution by preventing the candle from toppling over or catching fire.

Image from The Artisan Life
  1. Lotion Bars

These lotion bars will surely keep your mom’s skin nourished and moisturized even throughout the cold, winter season when skin is driest. For a little cost, you can make a lot of lotion bars that will definitely beat those regular, commercial lotions that are very expensive but are just as effective.

  1. Sewing Kit

You can turn some Mason jars into a very practical Mother’s Day gift by turning them into sewing kits that your mom will surely adore. These adorable sewing kits are very easy to make and their lids can even double as pin cushions to make those small needles and pins easier to manage and find.

  1. Decoupage Cans

Show your loving support to your mother and keep her motivated while she works by making a personalized tin can for all of her office supplies. Use a bunch of photo cut-outs and quotes to create a vintage decoupage can that will make her smile every time she sees it.