10 DIY Projects for Old Picture Frames

Image from Sherish

People love to hang their photos on their walls encased in beautiful frames but with years passing by and interior designers coming up with newer ideas to post photos on walls and on tables, some old picture frames just don’t cut it anymore. Most tend to throw away their old picture frames because they’re outdated but did you know that there are other ways to use them?

Here are some examples of DIY projects that you can do for your old picture frames instead of throwing them away.

  1. Picture Frame Shelves. A little bit of creativity goes a long way. The same thing goes true when you’re trying to repurpose old picture frames. In this project, simply build closed shelves that are in the same dimensions as the frames. Mount the frames on the opening of the shelves and install them on your walls. You’ll now have shelves bordered by picture frames.
  1. Wall Holder. If you’re constantly misplacing your keys or you need to find more places to hang your personal belongings, converting your old picture frames into wall holders is a good idea. Simply remove the photo, add hooks in the inside of the picture frame, and hang it on your wall.
  1. Menu Holder. Another idea to convert your old picture frames into is as menu holder. Just add a holder near the bottom of the frame and place all your favorite menus in it and you’ll have easy access to dishes while in the kitchen.
  1. Photo Display. This is an easy project that you can do in just an hour or two. Start by removing the center of the frame and use mesh wire instead so you can attach clothespin on them. Add some of your favorite photos by clipping them on the clothespin and you’ll have a unique photo collage to look at.
  1. Hair Bow Organizer. For girls who have quite a collection of hair bows, why not repurpose your old picture frames into a hair bow organizer? Add some cloth in the middle of the frame where you can clip your hair bows and use the bottom of the frame to add your headbands and other hair accessories and you’ll have a more organized collection to display.
Image from Crafthubs
  1. Message Board. If you want to leave messages to one another, convert your old picture frame into a message board. Just add a cushion in the middle or add some ties where they can insert messages and just hang the frame on the wall.
  1. Office Desk Organizer. If your office desk is not looking organized at the moment, transform an old picture frame into a desk organizer. Just add layers of cloth in the middle to create holders, add pens, scissors, and the like and you’ll have an interesting organizer to use.
  1. Wall Décor. Another smart way to transform your old picture frames is to make a wall décor out of them. Instead of hanging old photos, tie some vintage bottles in the middle and add some flower cuttings for a more interesting look.
  1. Serving Tray. What better way to convert your old picture frames than turning them into serving trays? Just add handles on both ends of the frame, strengthen the backing of the tray, and there you have it.
  1. Ribbon Holder. For those who are interested in crafts, you probably have plenty of ribbons lying around. Creating a ribbon holder out of old picture frames is a smart idea because not only will you be able to organize your craft items, you’ll also get to decorate your walls as well.