10 DIY Repurpose Ideas for Magazine Stacks


Most of us tend to buy magazines to get ideas on how to improve the home, learn about gardening, places to visit, and even get information on the latest trends in fashion and health just to name a few. However, when our stacks of magazines become too much because we just can’t find the heart to dispose of them, you’ll need more space to hold your collection. If you can’t bear to part with your magazines but you know that you need to take steps to minimize the clutter, why not repurpose your magazines instead? Here are 10 fun ideas on how you can repurpose your magazine stacks.

Image from Rock n Roll Bride
  1. Magazine flowers. You may not have a green thumb but this doesn’t mean that you can’t add some colorful blooms to your living room or bedroom. Use your old magazines to create DIY flowers, spray paint them in the color of your choice, add stems and place them on a vase.
  1. Vase decoupage. Another way to repurpose your old magazines is by upcycling your old vases or wine bottles. Tear pages from your magazines that you want to decorate your vase or bottle with and paste them in place. This way, you are minimizing your clutter while improving an old decorative item.
Image from Crafthubs
  1. Wall art. Who would have thought that your old magazines can be transformed into a fine wall art someday? All that you have to do is to cut some strips of magazines, glue the ends to create loops, and create your own wall art installation. You can spray paint them for added effect or leave them as is.
  1. Recycled paper beads. Old magazines can be quite versatile that you can actually create recycled paper beads out of them. To create the beads, simply wrap your paper clips with magazine strips before attaching them to one another to create a long chain. Repeat as many times as you want then hang them on a doorway or wall for added effect.
  1. Corner heart bookmark. Another way to repurpose your old magazines is to make bookmarks out of them. You can cut some nice photos or words and glue them on a strip of cardboard to make it sturdy. You can also create corner bookmarks if you like by just folding the pages of your magazine. This is a fun way to recycle your magazines while creating something functional at the same time.
  1. Magazine covered lamp base. You may have an old lamp that you are not really interested in using because it’s no longer in trend but before you even consider throwing it away, why not upcycle it instead? To make your lamp a stand out piece in your living room, cut strips of magazine paper and wrap them around the base of the lamp. You can change the lamp shade while you are it to give your lamp a whole new look that will be definitely be a conversation starter the next time you have guests.
Image from Instructables
  1. Magazine coasters. Here’s another project that you can do with your old magazines. Simply cut the pages and fold them into tiny strips. Roll the first strip to be the center of the coaster then continue adding strips until you create a coaster.
  1. Mini notebooks. What better way to recycle your old magazines than to create mini notebooks out of them? Use a photo or saying, or even an article and use it to wrap around the cover of your notebook.
  1. Magazine notecards and envelopes. It’s nice to send out actual cards from time to time because they are more personal compared to emails. So why not create envelopes out of your old magazines? You can even make notecards out of them too if you like.
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  1. Recycled magazine bowl. If you have a bowl that you are not really using, update its look by wrapping it in your magazine. Use this for dried goods or for decoration.