10 DIY Wall Art Ideas To Brighten To Add Color To Your Home


The walls in your home need not be boring. With just a touch of creativity and effort, you could turn the plain walls in your house into colorful backdrops that evoke inspiration to anyone who would see it.

Fabric Panel Art Installation


This material is often used on curtains, pillows and cushions. However, fabric is also a good material to mount on your walls. Simply choose vivid designs and colorful prints and cover canvas of different sizes to place on your wall. If you think canvas frames are too thick, you could opt to use plywood or cardboard to cover up. Just be careful to keep the backdrop plain or neutral so that the attention would focus on the installations.

Tissue Paper Wall Art


This wall art utilizes canvas once again. But the clincher is the use of colored tissue paper which you could find in crafts and supplies store. Paint the canvas with your choice of color and choose what shapes or design you want on it. It is recommended that you choose tissue paper colors that complement the canvas. Once you have cut out the shapes from the tissue paper, apply Mod Podge on the space you want to lay it on and carefully place down the tissue paper, making sure any wrinkles or creases are straightened out. Once dry, apply another coat of Mod Podge on top to seal the paper on the canvas.

DIY Paper Rosette Art


This wall installation is very simple and customizable for any event. If you want your wall to match the holiday season, simply combine red and green paper rosettes while a mix of orange and black is great for Halloween.

Mixed Plates Wall Art


Who said plates are only for eating? If your fancy china has been kept in a cupboard all these years then it’s probably high time you take them out and put them on display. Before you do, outline the design you want to spread them on the wall and use double-sided tape or plate hangers to mount them. You could opt to showcase plates of different sizes and designs or you could go classic with one color for all.

Wood Slices Wall Art

wood slices

If you are the type who loves nature and the outdoors then this installation would definitely work for you. Gather wood cuttings and slices of different sizes and kind and mount them on your wall for a much needed contrast. Another option is to stick the slices in thin plywood to hold them together and for easier mounting. You could also opt to paint the wood in different colors for a quirky touch.

Blank Frames

blank frame

It might be weird to see empty frames on your wall but the idea works. Get different kinds and sizes of picture frames and place on your wall. You could choose to display different colored ones or stick to one color but with different designs.

Typography Art


The Internet is a cool place to get ideas for your wall and that includes quotations for your typography wall art.

Cork Wall Art


Do not discard cork from your wine bottles and put your collection to good use with a wall installation. Depending on the number of corks you have, you could come up with a really huge design to build with.

DIY String Art


People who love to play “connect the dots” would enjoy making this wall art. With the use of nails or screws, create a shape you want for your wall and once done, start to wound the string all over and connect it with the other nails and screws to form the shape you like.

Washi Tape Wall Installation

washi tape

This DIY wall art is very simple to make with only two materials – stretch canvas frame and washi tape. You could also ditch the canvas and have fun with the washi tape straight in to your wall for a creative wall design.