10 Fun Ways to Lose Weight Forever

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People know that in order to lose weight, they will need to work out and go on a diet so they will see the number in the scale go down. Most are ready to take on the challenge of reducing excess fat but some tend to lose steam a few weeks into their fitness routine. Laziness, work, and even lack of motivation tend to rob them of their desire to see those pounds disappear plus the fact that they have to do a lot of hard work that isn’t really enjoyable for them. If you are one of those who just can’t seem to stick with a fitness routine, chances are, you need to find an alternative to your present training which should be fun and one that you will be able to stick to for long periods of time.

For those who are looking for fun ways to burn fats while toning the body, here are ten options to consider.


This is one of the few sports that you can actually do wherever you are. Unlike other types of sports where you will need a lot of equipment in badminton you only need two rackets and a shuttlecock and you’re ready to play with a friend or family. You can already imagine how much sweat you will be producing as you run around hitting the shuttlecock to your opponent.

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Pole Dance

Not all weight loss programs are focused on lifting weights some require a simple piece of equipment which is the pole to challenge the entire body. Pole dancing is actually a good choice when it comes to exercise as you will get a full body workout from your arms to your core all the way to your feet. Go up the pole and hold on tight as you twist and turn to burn fats while toning and strengthening your muscles.


Another trick to losing weight is to add some red pepper to your meals. One reason behind this is that peppers contain capsaicin which can boost your metabolism. Eating dishes that contain a hint of spice can actually make your body burn more fats up to 4 hours after eating.

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Zumba is a combination of dance and aerobics that will leave breathless with exertion but having a grand time with it. There are numerous Zumba clinics that are sprouting up everywhere so why not bring your family and friends with you for a fun workout?

Morning Workout

If you’re having a hard time sticking with your fitness routine because there are too many distractions, why not wake up early and start exercising? This is the perfect time for you to get your muscles stretched, strengthened, and toned because the whole world is still sleeping.

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Hula Hoops

Who would have thought that hula hoops can be good for your health? As a matter of fact, an hour of hula hooping can make you burn up to 600 calories which isn’t that bad. Go for weighted hoops if you are just starting out then lighten up the load once you get the hang of it so you will need extra effort to keep the hoop spinning.

Bring a Friend

Another way to make your workouts fun is to bring a friend with you. Having someone working out with you is a good way to motivate each other so you won’t find your exercise routine to be boring.

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This is another sport that can help you burn up to 200 calories per hour. Just imagine all the running, jumping, and throwing that will happen as you and your friends race to catch the Frisbee.

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Go Outdoors

Losing weight is not just about working out indoors because you can take your fitness outside where you can breathe fresh air. Go jogging, brisk walking, cycling, or even hiking to burn calories.


Kickboxing should be in your list of fun ways to torch fat as this exercise routine not only helps you burn fats fast but also equip you with skills that you can use for your protection.