10 Fun Ways to Repurpose Broken Chairs


Broken chairs are usually thrown away especially when they’re already taking up space in the yard or in the storage. But as with any other broken furniture at home, there are ways to breathe new life to them. Here are 10 fun ways for you to repurpose your broken chairs.

  1. Flowerpot holder. Is your garden looking boring at the moment? Why not liven up your space by repurposing your old spindle chair? Simply remove the top of the chair and install hose clamps with screws to the back of the chair. To complete this unique décor, add some pots in the hose clamps for a more interesting look.
  1. Folding chair blackboard. Don’t underestimate the power of a broken folding chair because you can actually use it in various crafts. One such DIY project that you can do to repurpose this broken furniture is to replace the frame with fiberboard before applying chalkboard paint and voila! You now have a cute chalkboard that you can write on.
  1. Jar storage. Jars can take up space on the mantle or cupboards but not when you hang them on an old chair. You can use the feet of the chair for hanging jars or the top part of your old spindle chair if you prefer.
  1. Wall holder. If all that is left of your chair are its feet, why not install them on a vacant space on your wall, and hang some bread pans on them? This will help give off that rustic vibe in your space.
  1. Picture hanger. Another DIY project that you can do with old chairs is to create a picture hanger. Just use the top of the chair, install it on your wall and glue some wooden clothespins to clip your photos in.
  1. French style bench. Combining old wooden chairs together can produce a brand new piece of furniture. Use the sides of two similar chairs, add a sturdy wooden seat in between, and throw in some cushions and you now have a bench that you can put outside in the garden. Not bad, right?
Image from Pinterest
  1. Garden planter. If your old chair is just missing its seat, don’t throw it just yet. You can actually repurpose it as a garden planter to liven up your outdoors. Just look for a sturdy planter that can be carried your old chair.
  1. Chair swing. If you’re good with the hammer then converting an old chair into a swing is definitely a must. This will give you a more comfortable seat as you swing to and fro.
  1. Picture frames. For old but elegant chairs, you can easily convert them into picture frames to grace your home.
  1. Coat rack. A broken antique chair can still be repurposed into a coat rack. Simply install the legs on the back of the chair, screw some hooks, and you now have a one of a kind coat rack for the home. For sure, your guests will be impressed with your DIY skills.