10 Health Hacks That Everyone Should Know

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Not all health concerns warrant a visit to the doctor. For instance, an itchy throat, a headache, a blister, body pains, and the likes are common health issues that many people experience but they’re almost always temporary. They can be a result of something you recently ate or did so they will most likely disappear sometime soon. Still, these symptoms can be annoying and they can distract you from the task at hand, keeping you unproductive and bothered.  Luckily, there are a few things you can do to alleviate or completely rid yourself of these symptoms. Here are ten health hacks for common health issues that everyone should know.

Hack #1: Tickling throat

Tickling or itchy throat can be very bothersome and distracting. As a solution, you can get rid of tickling throat by scratching your ear. Doing so will stimulate the nerves in your ear which causes a reflex in the throat that creates a muscle spasm. This muscle spasm will relieve the itchiness or tickling feeling.

Hack #2: Blisters

Blisters can get pretty painful and they may get infected if the skin peels off. If a blister is starting to form, cover the affected area as smoothly as possible with duct tape. The duct tape will cushion the blister and prevent it from peeling off. Band-Aids can be used as well but they’re not always as effective.

Hack #3: Incompetent hearing

Certain external factors such as a loud background noise or a soft sound can make hearing very hard. If you find it difficult to understand the words of someone talking, lean in with your right ear since its better at following the rapid rhythms of speech. On the other hand, you can pick up soft music tones better with your left ear.

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Hack #4: Poor digestion

Thirty minutes before every meal, drink a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice to kick-start your digestive system. The lemon is a great aid for improving digestion and it even has some immune boosting properties. For better results, add cayenne pepper and drink the solution first thing in the morning.

Hack #5: Anxiousness

An upcoming exam, report, interview, and the likes can cause unbearable nerves. To calm yourself down, take a deep breath and splash your face with cold water. This fools your body into thinking that you’re diving into cold water. As a reflex, your body will utilize oxygen more efficiently thereby calming your nerves.

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Hack #6: Insomnia

Lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep can both be blamed to staring at mobile phones, tablets, and televisions before going to bed. The light from the gadgets tricks the body into thinking that it’s still day-time, thereby preventing the natural mechanism of your body to feel sleepiness. Keep gadgets away and turn off the lights to improve the overall quality and quantity of your sleep.

Hack #7: Stuffed Nose

Thrust the roof of your mouth with your tongue alternately then press the area between your eyebrows using one finger. This should rock the vomer bone back and forth. Since the bone runs through your nasal passages into the mouth, the movement will loosen congestion. Doing so should start draining your sinuses after 20 seconds.

Hack #8: Dehydration

Many people tend to forget to constantly hydrate themselves. To make sure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, use a Sharpie to mark your water bottle with hourly intervals. You should have drunk as much water as the mark indicates in your water bottle when that hour arrives.

Hack #9: Acid reflux

Acid reflux can hit you at night when you’re sleeping. To prevent this, sleep on your left. Since the esophagus and the stomach are connected at an angle, sleeping on your left positions both in such a way that prevents acid reflux from happening.

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Hack #10: Stress

Stress is hard to cope with especially if it’s caused by a stressor that you encounter on a regular basis such as work, personal problems, and deadlines. To reduce stress, smell an orange. The scent will improve your mood and make you feel more awake while also reducing stress.