10 Ideas on How to Repurpose Old Baby’s Crib


For expecting parents, you probably have your nursery ready months before the baby is due. You have your crib, the changing table, baby decors, and the like. But babies tend to grow fast and soon you are left with an old baby crib that is just taking up space in your storage. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can repurpose your old baby crib. Here are some suggestions to think about.

  1. Vertical storage for crafts. If you love crafts then you probably have a lot of tapes, ribbons, and other craft materials lying around. Instead of leaving them all cluttered in your desk, why not transform your old crib into a vertical storage. Use the slats of the crib to hold your rolls of ribbons and tapes and other materials for a more organized look.
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  1. Children’s desk. Another great idea for repurposing an old baby crib is a desk for your kid. Simply remove one side of the crib, add a platform on the middle and arrange your child’s coloring and writing materials on top. Add a chair and your child will have a new desk to use.
  1. Memo board. Old baby cribs can also be converted into memo boards where you can place clothespins on the mesh so you can clip your favorite photographs, notes, and the like. Hang them on your bedroom wall or place it on top of your dresser and you will have a unique board to play with.
  1. Corner chair. Who said that your child will be too old for his or her crib? Convert their old crib into a corner chair by removing one side of the panel, add cushion for the seat, and pillows too.
  1. Play table for kids. Another way to convert an old baby crib is to transform it into a play table. Remove one side of the crib and install a black board on the bottom part of the crib. This way, you can let your child draw on it so they can practice their creativity.
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  1. Wall photo display. If you are looking for more ways to display your favorite photos, why not use your old crib? Dismantle the sides of the crib and hang them on the wall. Use the slats to hold photographs or picture frames for a more interesting look.
  1. Swing. What else can you make out of your old crib? How about a swing? Just strengthen the frame of the crib including the seat, tie sturdy ropes on all four sides, and hang them from the ceiling. Add cushions to keep you comfortable while on the swing.
  1. Vintage table. Another DIY project that you can do with your old baby crib is to transform it into a vintage table or desk. Remove one side of the crib and install it in the middle to hold magazines or boxes of personal items, add a glass top over it and voila! You know have a vintage looking table to grace your home.
  1. Wall organizer or hanger. Not enough space to hang your accessories? Well, your old baby crib can be converted into a wall organizer. You can either hang it on the wall or prop it up against the wall where the slats are used to hang your accessories on.
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  1. Magazine rack. This is another fun DIY project that you can do with your old baby crib. Remove two sides of the crib and install them facing one another. Add a cloth sack in between slats to hold magazines.