10 Incredible Uses of Banana Peels


Bananas are one of the most commonly eaten fruits in the entire world. After all, bananas are not only delicious, they are packed full of vitamins and minerals as well. In fact, bananas are well-known to be a rich source of potassium, making it a great aid for muscle recovery after a strenuous physical activity. However, just like most fruits, the peels of bananas are often not given the credit they deserve. More often than not, after eating the flesh of a banana, the peel is immediately thrown away. Banana peels are actually also full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which you can still make use of for your benefit.

Here are ten incredible uses of banana peels.

1. Compost

Perhaps the easiest way to make good use of a banana peel is by throwing them into the compost pile. After all, banana peels are biodegradable and contains nutrients such as potassium and phosphorous which helps promote root development and overall plant health.

2. Compost water

If you don’t have a compost pile, you can still feed the nutrients from banana peels to your plants by infusing them in water. Let a few banana peels soak in a bucket full of water for a couple of days. Afterwards, mix this water with five parts fresh water to make compost water for your plants.

3. Insect bite relief

Rub the inside of a banana peel on an insect bite to relieve itching and reduce swelling. Although there is no actual scientific proof behind this, many people swear by this and it may actually be due to how the banana peel draws out liquid from the bite.

4. Juicier piece of chicken

Grilling chicken, especially skinless chicken breasts, have a tendency to dry out the meat. As a solution, place a banana peel on top of the chicken piece while cooking to help retain its natural juices. Banana peels do this by acting as a barrier that helps prevent the meat from drying out.

5. Shoe polish

Bananas make a great shoe polish alternative. The potassium in it, which is actually found in regular shoe polish, can help shine your shoes and its natural oils will help make your shoes last longer. Simply rub your shoes with the inside of the peel then buff it with a soft, white cloth.

6. Teeth whitening

Most teeth are naturally yellow and if you smoke, cigarettes actually contribute to the stains that make teeth even more yellow. Unfortunately, professional teeth whitening cost a lot of money. Just rub your teeth with the inside of a banana peel for a minute each day to naturally whiten your teeth.

7. Remove warts

You can use banana peels to promote the healing of warts and to keep them from coming back. Cut a piece of banana peel big enough to cover the affected area. Place it against your skin then secure with medical tape. Leave overnight. You should see improvements by morning. Repeat until the wart is gone.

8. Fruit-fly trap

Keep fruit-flies from buzzing around your other fresh fruits by luring them into a trap. Throw a couple of banana peels inside a large container then poke holes on the container’s lid. Flies will be attracted to the scent of the banana and crawl inside the container but they won’t be able to find their way out again through the holes. Dispose of the container once most flies have been caught.

9. Polish silver

Banana peels work great for bringing the shine back to your tarnished silverware. Rub the inside of a ripe banana peel on the dull silver then buff with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can blend a banana peel with water then use it and a soft cloth to polish the silver. Rinse afterwards.

10. Fix scratched CDs or DVDs

Gently rub the back of the disc with the inside of a banana peel. Wipe off any residue with a soft cloth then buff it with glass cleaner. The peel will efficiently fill in the scratches so that the disc will play smoothly without skips.