10 Incredible Uses Of Salt

1. Poison Ivy: Soak irritated skin in very warm salt water; also helps with just plain itchy skin
2. Rub salt on fresh ink stain, then soak overnight in milk. Wash as normal
3. Deodorize a canvas bag or any bag that had developed a musty smell. Sprinkle salt inside the bag, zip it up and let sit overnight. Shake salt out in the morning and air dry
4. Fireplace: Occasionally throw a handful of Salt into a burning fire. It helps loosen soot inside your chimney. Plus you’ll get a bright yellow flame.
5. Hate frosted car windows: Run the windows the night before with a sponge dipped in saltwater. Use 1 tablespoon of Salt and 1 cup of water
6. Ice & Snow: Fill a small cloth bag or folded scrap of cloth with Salt and close. Fapen bag with water. Rub it on the outside of our windshield.. Snow or ice should not stick
7. Spread salt on sidewalks to keep ice from sticking.
8. Flea Infestation: Sprinkle Salt on carpet or rug. Will kill any flea eggs. Let stand a few hours then vacuum.
9. Put Salt in your vacuum cleaner bag or tube to help kill flea eggs that have been vacuumed.
10. Coffee or Tea stains in cups or mugs: Run stained areas with Salt and a little water, then wash..

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