10 Projects For Upcycling Fabric Scraps

Image from Make It and Love It

If you’re fond of sewing or making DIY crafts, chances are, you tend to get a lot of fabric scraps left over. After all, it’s hard to get the perfect amount of fabric for a certain project—you’ll always have to cut here or snip a few inches off there. Instead of throwing out those fabric scraps, collect them in a plastic bag or container so you can make something new out of them later on. Although you might think that there’s no immensely creative project that can be made out of fabric scraps, there’s actually tons of brilliant fabric scrap crafts out there that absolutely don’t look like they’re made from scraps. Not only will you be creating something new, you’re also keeping these scraps from contributing to the landfill waste a little longer. Here are ten projects for upcycling fabric scraps that you can do.

  1. Monogram Pouch

You can make a colourful monogram pouch with your leftover fabric scraps, a couple of other supplies, and basic sewing skills. Use this pouch for your spare change or sew on the first letter of a friend’s name and give it as a lovely gift.

Image from Sew Mama Sew
  1. Table Runner

Using fabric scraps to make a table runner is a really good way to preserve the beautiful patterns and prints of those spare fabrics. Use a variety of fabric patterns to make a one of a kind table runner that will surely stand out.

Image from Skip To My Lou
  1. Bracelet

Make a lovely bracelet for you and your friends or loved ones using little more than fabric scraps. Use three strips of fabric scraps with different patterns that complement each other and braid them together to make a single bracelet. Attach a lock at the ends to finish the bracelet. You can even add some charms if you want.

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  1. Rug

One of the most efficient ways you can upcycle fabric scraps is by turning them into a rug. This is especially great if you have a really large collection of fabric scraps. Combine a variety of colours and patterns from hundreds of fabric scrap strips to make a really soft and lovely rug.

Image from Gingercake – Typepad
  1. Baby quilt

Since fabric scraps are often not big enough to make a full-sized quilt, you can make one for children and toddlers instead. Use a variety of fabric scrap patterns and colours to make a really vibrant quilt that the kids will surely love.

Image from Until Wednesday Calls
  1. Fabric Flower

For a quick fabric scrap project, you can make this beautiful fabric flower which you can use as an accent for plain pillows. You can either use fabric scraps of the same colour, or use contrasting colours if you prefer something more colourful. Making one flower will take you less than an hour to finish.

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  1. Pillow Décor

Here’s another way you can use fabric scraps to decorate a plain pillow. First, cut a trunk shape from a solid-coloured fabric, preferably black or brown, and sew it onto the center of the pillow. Then, cut a bunch of fabric scraps of different patterns into the shape of a leaf then sew them around the trunk to make a colourful tree.

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  1. Fabric Twine

Wrapping a bunch of fabric scraps to make a single long strand is a really good way to utilize them and make them more versatile. With this fabric scrap twine, you can make something as small as a coaster to something as large as a floor mat.

Image from Project Nursery
  1. Patchwork Collage Wall Art

If you need a simple, new house décor that can add a whimsical touch to your home, you can make the patchwork collage wall art with just a few materials. This is a good way to upcycle fabric with bright, colourful prints and those with images and designs.

Image from omiyageblogs.ca
  1. Chopstick Holder

You’ll only need five minutes and a small scrap of fabric to make a chapstick holder which you can then place somewhere easily accessible. This way, you’ll be able to quickly reach for your chapstick every time your lips feel dry.