10 Smart Ways to Repurpose Old Springs

Image from Bob Vila

Old bed springs tend to end up in the junkyard but before you add to the already growing amount of trash that has filled several dumpsites already, you might want to do your part in saving the environment. You can start by repurposing any old bed spring that you come across like in your bedroom, yard, garage sales, or even flea markets.

Here are some amazing ideas that you can do with old bed springs.

  1. Letter holder. Instead of stacking letters on the hallway table where you have to sift through them, organize them fairly quickly by converting a bed spring into letter holder. This way, you can easily place the mails on their appropriate slots based on the family member.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Spring vase. Who would have thought that you can convert your old bed springs into a vase? Look for a slim vase or test tube for that matter that you can insert in the middle of the spring to hold water and your choice of flowers and that’s it. A unique vase to impress your guests.
  1. Recipe holder. If you are the designated cook at home and would like to make your cooking space more convenient for you, you can use your old bed springs as recipe holders. You can paint the springs black or some other color and use the spaces in between to hold your recipes. This way, you won’t have to worry about where you’ve put your recipes because everything is within easy access.
  1. Candle holder. No need to spend much on candle holders when your old bed springs can do the trick. Just look for a candle holder or jar that will fit well inside your spring and you can put your scented tea lights inside. This is a great idea for your outdoor gatherings.
  1. Photo display. Here is a great idea on how to repurpose your old bed springs. Lie the springs on a block of wood with embossed names attached on the bottom. Secure the springs in place so they will not roll off. Choose your favorite old photographs and place them on the springs.
  1. Birds nest. Is your indoor space looking a bit boring? Why not give it a bit of a rustic feel by making your own birds nest? The old bed springs that you have on hand can be used as holders for the birds nest. Add some stuffing to create the nest, add some decorative eggs, and there you have it.
Image from Gas Art
  1. Spring pin cushion. Here’s another fun DIY project that you can do particularly if you love to sew. This may need a bit of sewing on your part but it will be worth it. Get a pin cushion and stuff it inside the spring. Make sure that the cushion won’t slip inside the spring. Add some paint to the spring and you’ll have a nice cushion to use when sewing.
  1. Garden trellis. If you have an entire bed spring at your disposal a good DIY project for it is to create a garden trellis. Place the bed of springs on one corner of your garden and place your climbing plants beside it.
  1. Wine charm. Wine lovers will find this DIY project to be a fun thing to do. All that you have to do is wrap the bed spring around the neck of the wine bottle and add your charm at the bottom and that’s it.
  1. Jewelry organizer. A cluttered dresser is not a good sight to see but with the help of an old spring you can organize your accessories fast.