10 Smart Ways to Reuse Your Paper Clips


It’s not really unusual to find our desk drawer looking a bit cluttered because of the paper clips scattered inside. Although paper clips come in handy in organizing your files and other documents, having too much can be a problem. Aside from sharing your paper clips with your kids or your co-workers, you can also reuse your paper clips in various ways. What can you do with your extra paper clips? Here are some ideas that are worth trying out.

  1. Unclog small holes. Bottles of glue, pepper shakers, salt shakers, and the like can get clogged from time to time. This little problem can be solved easily with the use of paper clips. Simply straighten one end of the paper clip and push through the clogged hole to get rid of the debris that is blocking it.
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  1. Bookmark. If you are fond of reading, most likely you have a bookmark with you whenever you read. But for those times when you have misplaced your bookmark or you brought your book with you but no bookmark, instead of folding the corner of the page that you are in, why not use a paper clip to mark your place? You can always dress up your paperclips to make them into personalized bookmarks if you like.
  1. Hem repair. Clothing accidents can happen from time to time and in the most inopportune moments too such as the hem of your skirt or pants getting tangled and torn after getting snagged. When this happens, simply get a paper clip and secure the hem in place so you can go on with your day without worrying about how your clothes look.
  1. Fix stuck CD or DVD. Yes, we’ve been here before where we get our discs stuck in our computer or player. Short of disassembling the entire unit, be like Macgyver and get a paper clip. If you have noticed that tiny hole near the CD opening, use one end of the paperclip and push that button. This will automatically open the holder so you can remove your CD.
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  1. Money clip. Documents aren’t the only ones that need to be organized with paper clips but your money too. If you are the type of person who budgets their salary once they get paid, use your paper clips to break down your money for specific bills. This way, you can easily get them when it is time to pay.
  1. Secure belt. Is your belt too long for you? Wearing a belt with one end hanging down too long can be a statement for some but for others it can be hindrance. If you are leaning towards the latter, the best way to solve this is to use a paper clip to secure the end in place.
  1. Hanging ornaments. Another way to reuse your extra paper clips is to use them to hang various ornaments in your home. It can be those Christmas decors that are lacking the means to hang them on the tree. Just straighten the paper clip with one end attached to the decoration and the other to hang on the tree.
  1. Fish hooks. Another way to use your old paper clips is to use them as DIY fish hooks. If you are just going to fish for fun the clips can save you money while getting the job done.
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  1. Smartphone mount. Bigger paper clips can be used as a mount for your smart phone. Just straighten out your paper clip and twist it in the form of a holder then place your phone on it. This way, you can use your phone hands free.


  1. Nail patterns. Here’s another idea that you can use with your paper clip. If you are doing some nail art, the end of the paper clip can be used to create different patterns on your nails.