10 Stunning Seashell Craft Ideas

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Seashells are one of the prettiest products of nature. It’s no wonder why a lot of people, children and adults alike, find it very enjoyable to collect seashells whenever they visit the beach. If you’re fond of bringing a couple of seashells home, know that there are a lot of ways you can utilize the beauty of these items to decorate your home. And now that summer is right around the corner, several visits to the beach are bound to happen. If not, you can still get some seashells at your local craft store for a very affordable price. Here are ten stunning seashell craft ideas that might inspire you to get creative this summer.

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  1. Seashell Wreath

You can make a beautiful decorative piece which you can hang by an empty wall space or on your door using little more than seashells and a foam circle. Completely cover the foam circle with seashells by gluing the shells on. Hang up the wreath using a ribbon and let your guests and visitors adore the simple piece.

  1. Flower Pots

To really bring out the summer vibes on your flower pots, you can adorn them with a bunch of seashells. Weathered flower pots are best for this project since they bring a particular beach cottage look. They’re very easy to make and they’ll look great inside or outside your home.

  1. Picture Frame

Picture frames can be very plain at times. Revamp some of your old picture frames by decorating the frame with the seashells you collected from your last vacation. Place your favourite photo from that trip on the picture frame to complete the memory.

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  1. Centerpiece

Shells look very lovely as decoration so they’ll look even more gorgeous if used as a centrepiece. Fill a large clam shell with potting soil then add any flower or plant that you like. Cover the soil with smaller shells as decoration then place the entire piece at the center of the table.

  1. Soap Dish

If you happened to collect a particularly large clam shell, you can use it as a simple yet lovely soap dish. You’ll only need half of the clam shell for this. Attach a suction cup or something similar at the bottom of the shell to keep it from slipping off.

  1. Shadow Box

Creating a seashell shadow box is something close to art. Simply fill a shadow box with seashells, sand, pearls, or anything else you want. Use a variety of seashell types and sizes to make the piece look even more gorgeous. Display the shadow box anywhere in your home for a unique decorative piece.

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  1. Seashell Fairy Lights

Drill a hole at the base of some of the seashells you’ve collected then insert the bulb of a fairy light through this hole. Repeat until the fairy lights are made out of seashells. Hang it up for a whimsical source of light, perfect for beach-themed parties and romantic evenings by the coast.

  1. Candles

It’s very easy to make seashell candles on your own. And the best part is that you can choose whichever scent you prefer. Simply melt some wax and add your preferred essential oils. Place a wick at the center of the seashells then fill it with the melted wax. Once it dries, you can use the seashell candles for display or for lighting up a fun evening.

  1. Album Cover

Dedicate an entire photo album to a particular vacation and glue a seashell you collected from that trip on the cover. Use the seashell to label the album according to the vacation you took. Apart from albums, you can use seashells to decorate the cover of your journal and notebooks.

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  1. Hair Pins

Small seashells are more easily found on the coastline than larger seashells. Make good use of these small seashells by gluing one each on the top of a bunch of bobby pins. Not only does it look lovely, it’ll match your summer outfits as well.