10 Upcycled Garden Containers

Image from Garden Lovers Club

Beautifying your outdoors doesn’t really have to be expensive especially when it comes to garden containers because with a little bit of creativity on your part and unused items at home, you will be able to personalize your space further with fun and creative containers. Here are some amazing ideas that you can do with your own garden.

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  1. The toolbox container. Do you have an old toolbox that is just gathering dust in your garage? Why not convert it into a garden container? A good choice of plants for this is succulents because they are light and can withstand shallow planters. You can even move them around or bring them with you if you like.
  1. Old tires. If you have some old tires left in the garage that you want to dispose of, converting them into garden containers is much better. Just arrange the tires in your garden, fill the centers with soil, and plant your blooms. You can also paint the tires if you like to make them pop from the sea of green.
  1. Bed of flowers. Old bed frames can be converted into a nice bed for flowers. Place the bed frame in your garden and put your flowering plants on it. Add other decorations to complete the new look for your garden.
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  1. Colander planter. Colanders are handy in the kitchen but if they have outlived their use, you can still repurpose it as a container for your plants. You can hang them if you like to free up space in your garden.
  1. Teakettle container. Any unused object in your home can actually be converted into something useful such as in the case of a broken teakettle. It can still be used to house a succulent. Just make sure that your teakettle has sufficient holes at the bottom for drainage.
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  1. Rain boot planters. Here is a fun DIY garden container that you can do with your kids. Get any old rain boots that you are no longer using, paint them in whatever design you have in mind, fill the insides with soil and plant your favorite blossoms on it. Arrange them by your doorstep or on your porch for decorative purposes.
  1. Wheelbarrow blooms. An old and rusty wheelbarrow doesn’t have to be disposed of just yet. You can still give it another lease in life by carrying your plants. Just position the wheelbarrow in your garden, fill it with soil, and transplant some of your favorite flowering plants for a fancy container garden.
  1. Shell planters. Who would have thought that even seashells can be home to succulents? Simply stuff the shells with soil and plant some succulents in them and arrange on your living room or outdoors. They are certainly eye-catchers for sure.
  1. Gutter container. Who said that you have to spend money just to have garden containers? Old gutters can still be converted into something useful particularly in your outdoors. Choose plants that cascades so they will look nice living in your old gutters.
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  1. Tea tins. Tea lovers who have quite a collection of tin cans might want to repurpose them into something useful like containers for plants. You only need to add some holes at the bottom for drainage, some soil, and transplant your choice of blooms and you’re done. You can line them up on your window sill for your plants to get ample sunlight.

These are just a few examples of garden containers that are made from unused items around the house. With a little bit of creativity on your part, you will be able to transform any junk into useful items.