10 Ways To Recycle Water


When it comes to recycling things, water doesn’t usually come first in mind. Although it may seem unlikely to you, water is increasingly becoming difficult to obtain. Water resources are continually becoming depleted or polluted as time goes by and that means water bills will eventually become too high as it continues to rise. By conserving and recycling water, you’re not only preserving your water stores and keeping your water bills under control, you’re also helping save the environment. Water is used every day and everywhere so there’s no limit to how much water you can conserve. Here are ten ways you can recycle water.

1. Use a bucket to catch the cold water in the shower

When you turn on the shower, it usually still takes some time before the water heats up enough to your preferred temperature. Instead of letting the cold shower water flow down the drain unused, stick a bucket underneath it to catch the water until it heats up. You can then use this water for other purposes such as watering the garden, or scrubbing the floor.

2. Use rain collection barrels

Having even just one rain collection barrel is a great way to conserve lots of water. If you do not have rain collection barrels, you can just use a regular bucket placed outside in the yard. You’ll be amazed at how much water you can collect. You can use the stored water for watering the garden, feeding livestock, and many more.

3. Don’t always use the dishwasher

Dishwashers use a great deal of water whether they’re fully loaded or not. If you only used a few utensils, wash them by hand instead in a plastic tub of water. The rinsed water can be reused as well for watering plants, cleaning sinks, toilets, floors, and more. To remove grease from the rinsed water, add a few drops of dish soap or mild shampoo.

4. Save pasta water

Next time you cook a pot of pasta, don’t dump the leftover water down the drain. Instead, allow the water to cool then use it on other things such as watering plants or flushing the toilet.

5. Reuse the water that drains out of plant pots

Pots for plants usually come with holes at the bottom to allow drainage since too much water can drown the plants. Usually, pots can be bought with a circular plate for the bottom to catch the drained water. If your pot doesn’t have this, you can use an old plate or a bucket to catch the water that drains out of the pots. You can then reuse this water in the garden.

6. Rinse vegetables in a bowl of water

Instead of washing your vegetables under running water from the tap, wash them in a bowl of water instead. This will allow you to save the water for later use in the garden. Even if the water contains bits of mud or vegetable peels, it will still be useful for plant nourishment.

7. Reuse excess drinking water

Perhaps you’ve tried leaving a glass of water unattended and now it’s left sitting out too long to drink. If so, you can use this to feed your plants instead. Alternatively, you can mix it with some soap then dip an old toothbrush in it to scrub some dirty surfaces.

8. Reuse bath water

After a bath, don’t drain the water you’ve used. There are a lot of other ways you can make use of this bath water. You can use it to water plants or trees, to clean tiles, to mop floors, or even to wash your car with.

9. Take baths instead of showers

More water is lost down the drain when you shower compared to when you take a bath. In fact, 7-10 gallons of water are wasted when you shower. Take baths instead and reuse your bath water for some other purpose.

10. Wash your car with buckets

Use buckets of water to wash your car since hosing it down will make you easily lose track of how much water you’ve wasted. Try to minimize the number of buckets of water you use to conserve water.