10 Ways to Repurpose Clothes Hanger


Hangers are a laundry necessities and it is almost found in every home, sometimes it is found too much. A hanger is used for hanging clothes among other things. There are different types of hangers, wooden, metallic, wired and plastic or a combination of two of either. It comes in different colors with different features, there are hangers with clips and some can be hanged in any direction. People nowadays are using it for far more different purposes and are trying to repurpose hangers and other more house-found items. There are many other possible things a hanger can be used, and here are a few of them.

1. Magazine Hanger

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You can use a hanger, any type, to hang magazines within reach. The idea is to hang the hanger with magazines in a door knob or anywhere desired. This is for easy access to magazines and for a clever way to use excess hangers in your laundry. It looks economical and you can even alter the hanger’s appearance to suit your house’s theme.

2. Chip Clip

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Chips can go stale when left open in the counter. Use a hanger’s clip to clip the chips or other plastic bags that needs to be closed. This will keep the chips fresh and crunchy the next time you want to visit it again.

3. For the Tape and Ribbon Collection

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No place to put your ribbons and washi tapes? Or is it just too hard to locate them in that box you have them in now? Want an easier ways to locate them? Use a hanger and it will easier to use them too. You can cut one end of the hanger to place your ribbon and washi tape collection.

4. Eyeglasses

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If you own a lot of sunglasses and space is of an issue. An adorable way of displaying them is by using a hanger. Just pin transparent push pin in your wall or anywhere you want to hang you sunglasses collection. It will be easier to choose from it as well especially if you are on the run and have no time to look for the sunglasses in your drawers.

5. Drain Snake

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This must be the most common use of a hanger besides, well, for hanging clothes. If your drain is clogged, maybe because of hair, you can cut a wired hanger and make a hook at the end of it, enough to fit the drain. It will sure hook in some hair and debris that might have clogged up your drain.

6. Scarves

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Too much scarves, not enough space? Is it too difficult to locate your scarves in that cabinet of a mess? Too organize them, you can use a hanger with shower curtain rings and you can hang this in a place where you can just grab a scarf and go.

7. Jewels

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Pick a hanger of choice, preferably one that is wooden, and you can paint it or cover it with washi tapes if you want the hanger to look good. Get some hooks and attach it to the hanger. This will look good on a white background, for you to easily identify the jewelry you need, or any place applicable and desired.

8. Organize it up

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Organized materials helps increase production, for it will be easier to locate the items you need. All you need is a zip lock bag, big enough and strong enough to hold your items, this is great for those who enjoy scrapbooking to separate their scrapbooking papers, and a hanger with clips and that is it. You just hang it in your creativity area and it is organized after that.

9. By the Fire

If you have a fire pit, marshmallow and some hotdogs, it is going to be a fun night. Hangers can also be used outdoors, in this situation, use them to roast hotdogs or marshmallows. Just cut the hanger so each can have a wire for hotdogs and marshmallows.

10. Book Display

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It would be nice to display your books in your walls for easier access to them or for added décor to your home. You can use a hanger for that as well. Just a few twist and turns in that hanger and it’s good to hang a book in.