10 Ways to Repurpose Coffee Sacks


Coffee lovers who are brewing their own cup of Joe will most likely have coffee sacks stored somewhere in the basement, gathering dust and taking up space. If you are thinking of disposing them already, hold that thought, because there are a lot of ways in which you can recycle them. As a matter of fact, here are 10 creative ideas on how you can repurpose coffee sacks.

  1. Pillow. If you need additional pillows in your living room or bedroom, why not convert your coffee sacks into pillows? The prints of the coffee sack can be a unique design for pillows. Just sew the edges, add some cotton for cushion inside the sack, sew the seams close and you’re done.
Image from Trinkets in Bloom
  1. Purse. For DIYers who are looking for weekend projects, creating purses out of coffee sacks is worth considering. What’s great about coffee sacks is that they are tough in spite of the weather. To create a purse, use an old hardbound book that you are no longer reading, remove the pages to get the cover, wrap it in a coffee sack, add some embellishments, handle or string and you’re done.
  1. Rug. This is perhaps the simplest DIY project that you can do with coffee sacks. All that you have to do is to sew two to three pieces of coffee sacks together to create a rug for the living room.
  1. Headboard. Is your headboard looking quite dull at the moment? Why not cover it with coffee sacks instead? This adds more value and uniqueness to your space.
  1. Apron. Who would have thought that you can actually create an apron out of coffee sacks? If you are often in the kitchen, cooking meals for the whole family, you will need a sturdy apron to use. Sewing coffee sacks into an apron is not only a great idea but it also saves you money too.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Bulletin board. Another great idea that you can do for coffee sacks is to convert them into a bulletin board. Stretch the fabric and add a frame around it so you can hang in the hallway where you and your family can leave notes to one another.
  1. Lampshade. Here is another fun project that you can do with your coffee sacks. If you have an old lamp, convert the coffee sack into a lamp shade. Look for a lamp with a white base as it will complement your rustic shade.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Fabric basket. You can never have too many storage bins at home or in the office. With that being said, why not repurpose your coffee sacks into fabric baskets instead? Sew the coffee sacks until you make small sized baskets that you can put on your desk to hold your pencils, pens, and other office supplies. You can the baskets in your bedroom to hold accessories or in the kitchen to hold your cooking utensils.
  1. Window shades. It’s nice to let in the sunlight into your home from time to time but if the sun is high and you want to tone down the brightness, adding some shades on your window can cut back the glare significantly. Sew your coffee sacks into window shades so you don’t have to worry about the sun being too bright for your eyes. Plus, adding shades can give you more privacy too.
Image from Jenna Burger
  1. Ottoman. If you want to move on to more challenging DIY projects, converting coffee sacks into ottomans is worth considering because not only will you be able to get rid of the sacks in your storage but you can also create a functional item at home.