10 Ways to Repurpose Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets can add flair to your kitchen space and can even serve as storage for your pots and pans, but did you know that their use isn’t limited to your cooking area? It might be that you’ve just given your kitchen a makeover and you’ve replaced your old kitchen cabinets. What then can you do with these extra storage compartments?

If you’re not keen on throwing away your old kitchen cabinets, here are a few ideas that you can do to repurpose them.

  1. Sofa table with storage space. Any spare kitchen cabinets can be transformed into sofa tables instead of you having to dole out cash just to have a slim table to place behind your sofa. You only need to use three to five kitchen cabinets, screw them together, and place a solid material on top of them for additional surface in the living room. You can opt to keep the cabinet doors if you like or remove them so you can use the space for storage.
  2. Toy chest. Most households that have kids tend to have the same problem and that is an overabundance of toys. Fortunately, those old kitchen cabinets can be converted into toy chests. The best type of kitchen cabinet to use for this project is the one that you install on the wall because it doesn’t have any base. Don’t forget to use safety hinges for the door so it won’t slam on your kid’s fingers.
  3. Art table. Let your child’s creativity shine by converting your kitchen cabinet into an art table. You can use the front panel of the kitchen cabinet as the table surface. Just remove the handle and hinges and don’t forget to add legs so your toddler can use it in a comfortable manner.
  4. Garage worktable. If you like to tinker in the garage and need additional tabletop to work on, simply repurpose your old kitchen cabinets. Just like with the art table for your toddlers, just remove the hinges and handles so you’ll have a smooth surface.
  5. Office shelves. Office clutter is an eye sore but if you’re lacking space to store your stuff, you can always make do with your old kitchen cabinets. Even that old china hutch will work well in your home office and the best part is that you can customize your old cabinets to suit your storage needs.
  6. Ottoman or storage bench. Small spaces can be a hindrance especially at home but by repurposing kitchen cabinets into a storage bench or even an ottoman, you’ll have an extra seat with hidden storage.
  7. Kitchen island. Repurpose your old kitchen cabinets and transform them into your own kitchen island for that extra surface to work on. You can use the front panel or use the whole cabinetry to create your island. Simply screw the cabinets together, add some drawers to store your kitchen utensils, and add a sturdy countertop to complete it.
  8. Walk-in closet. Crowded walk-in closets can be remedied by installing repurposed kitchen cabinets to hold your shoes, clothes, and even organize your accessories. Make sure that the kitchen cabinets you’re using are proportioned for a more aesthetic appeal.
  9. Tiki bar. If your idea of a leisure time is to sip cocktails while catching up with family and friends, then repurposing your kitchen cabinet into a tiki bar is a worthwhile project. You can use up to three cabinets for this or more depending on how long you want your tiki bar to be. Attach them all together, add some bamboos and thatch to give your repurposed cabinet that tiki bar vibe and don’t forget to add a ceramic countertop to complete your bar. Apply waterproofing on your cabinets for added protection against the environment.
  10. Organizer for your laundry area. The laundry area tends to attract clutter. The best way to make your wash area clean and organized, install your old kitchen cabinets on the wall so you’ll be able to store your detergent, clothes hangers, and other laundry items away from sight.

Who said that your previous kitchen cabinets won’t be of any use? As you can see, these cabinets still have life after their kitchen use.