10 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Tableware in Your DIY Projects


For sure, you have some old plates, spoons, and other tableware items that have been relegated to the storage or garage for disposal but did you know that there is an alternative to throwing these plates away? Repurposing your old plates not only minimizes your contribution to the growing landfills but you’re also making your space more attractive. If you don’t know what to do with your old plates, here are some ideas that you can try out.

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  1. Garden art. A little bit of creativity can go a long way and in this case, adding two smaller plates to a larger plate, and some paint, can help transform your old plates into a garden owl!
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  1. Wall décor. Who said that your dinner plates or platter can’t be used as wall decors? Just mount an old China platter or plate, glue an empty knife handle and use it as a tiny vase to hold some freshly cut flowers.
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  1. Light fixtures. If you have plenty of spoons that you want to dispose of, why not make a bouquet out of them and hang them from the ceiling? Add bulbs in the middle and voila! You now have unique looking light fixtures that can be added to your kitchen or living room for accent lighting.
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  1. Mirror frames. This one is a bit challenging to do as it requires endless patience and leftover spoons. Spray paint your spoons in a color that you want and glue them around your old mirror. You can make various designs with this so let your creativity loose.
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  1. Coat hangers. Another great idea for old spoons and forks is making a coat hanger out of them. Simply mount old forks or spoons on a piece of sturdy wood, install it on a vacant wall, and bend the edges of the utensils to create hooks where you can hang your coats on.
  1. Key holders. This is one is almost the same as that of making a coat hanger out of your old utensils but instead of using a single block for your hooks, this one can be mounted on individual wooden squares for added effects.
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  1. Hanging art. For those who are feeling creative, why not make some hanging art with your old spoons and forks? Simply get a Styrofoam ball, spray paint it with your choice of color, spray paint the spoons or forks that you are going to use and insert them around the ball. Once dried, hang these decorations from the ceiling.
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  1. Wall clock. This is another fun DIY project that you can make with plastic spoons, forks, knives, and what not. If you have an old clock that you want to repurpose, get it and attach the utensils around the hours. You can even paint your utensils in different colors to make them more interesting to look at.
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  1. Bird feeder. This one is perfect for those old plates that you have lying around. Start by making holes around the plate where you can attach the ropes or strings to hold the plate in place. Add a figurine in the middle or any decorative touches that you would like, add some bird feed, and hang it from a tree or fence.
  1. Outdoor art. Do you want to liven up your outdoor? One way to make your outdoor space more interesting is to decorate the blank wall in your garden with your old plates. Just glue them in place, mixing and matching the smaller ones with the big ones and you’ll create an interesting decorative piece to admire.