10 Ways to Use Plastic Pots

Image from thespruce.com

Plastic pots for plants come in handy around the garden but what if you’re no longer using them because your plants have already gone bigger? Or you just bought a lot of pots and now you don’t know what you’re going to do with them. Instead of returning your purchases or throwing away these plastic pots, how about you repurpose them? Here are some ideas that you should take into consideration.

  1. Pot Filler. If you want to save on soil, place a plastic pot inside a larger pot before adding soil. This way, you can cut back on your soil usage for your other plants. You can place some newspapers or mulch around the pot if you like to further reduce soil usage and because these two materials decompose, you don’t have to worry about them at all.
  1. Shaker. Adding fertilizers to your plants can help boost their growth but you need to ensure that the amount of fertilizer you are using will be dispersed properly so that the plant will get adequate amounts for it to bloom. A good way to ensure this is by placing a smaller pot inside a larger one before pouring fertilizer inside the pots. Twist the small pot and big pot in opposite directions while shaking the fertilizer onto the plants.
  1. Protect your blades. Knives and other types of blades can deteriorate when not stored properly so flip your seedling tray to store your knives so they won’t dull.
  1. Harvesting and cleaning your vegetables. For those who have vegetable gardens, you can use your pots as basin for the vegetables that you picked. Rinse them there too so water can drain easily from the bottom of the plastic pots.
Image from fwrealestate.net
  1. Nesting boxes. Here’s a DIY project that you can do with your kids. If you want to help birds in your area to find a place to nest, repurpose your plastic pots as nesting boxes. You only need to nail them in areas that you want them to nest, preferably away from the reaches of predators, cut the plastic pots open for entrance and exit, and there you have it.
  1. Kids toys. Another idea on how you can use your plastic pots is by making a kid’s toy out of them. Choose two sturdy pots that your kid can stand on. Drill holes on both sides of the pots, then slip twine on each hole so your child can hold them while walking on their pot stilts.
  1. Lift materials. If you’ve been doing some DIY painting projects, you don’t want to leave the material on the floor while you paint. Use the plastic pots to lift the wood off the ground so that it will be easier for you to paint it.
  1. Shop and craft stands. Here’s a great idea on how you can repurpose plastic pots. If you are selling stuff in a local market or stall, use these empty pots as stands for your products. Now, you don’t have to buy any fancy stands just so you can put your items on display.
  1. Sandbox toys. Another great idea to use your plastic pots is to let your kids use them when making sand castles. Bring them with you the next time you head to the beach or even in their own backyard. This way, you don’t have to buy them pails and such plus the sizes can help make them different shapes too.
  1. Sorters. Use your seedling tray to sort materials when making crafts. This way, it will be easier for you to find what you need when everything is already organized.