10 Ways to Use Your Shoe Organizer

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Are you running out of storage space around the house? Do you want to free up some space on your desk or dresser? It’s quite easy to free up clutter around your home without spending money on buying boxes or renting storage space because a little bit of DIY is all you will need to get the job done. As a matter of fact, you probably have the best organizer right at home today which is the shoe organizer. If you are no longer using this item to store your shoes, you can repurpose it into something useful for the house.

Here are 10 ways on how you can use your shoe organizer:

  1. Cleaning products organizer. Free up space under the kitchen sink by placing all your cleaning products in the shoe organizer to hang behind the door. This way, you will have more space underneath the sink to store other items you want to keep out of sight.
  1. Jewelry organizer. Another way to use your old shoe organizer is to use it for storing your jewelries in one place. You can hang it inside your closet so you can easily find the accessories you will be wearing for the day.
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  1. Paint storage. For artists who want to have an organized work station, store your paints in a shoe organizer and hang it nearby. Not only will this help you organize your paint by color or by brand but you’re also freeing up space in your work station for your art materials.
  1. Seasonings holder. Another creative idea to using your shoe organizer is to use it to hold your seasonings. Instead of your spices taking up space on your kitchen counter, you can simply place them in your shoe organizer and hang in your pantry door or kitchen cabinet. This way, it will be easier for you to find the right spice or seasoning for your dish.
  1. Post its and card organizer. For those who are fond of sending cards or writing memos and reminders on their Post Its, your shoe organizer will be the perfect tool to keep all of your writing materials in place and organized. Hang it near your desk for easy access and to free up space on your desk.
  1. Craft material organizer. If you are doing crafts as a hobby or business, you will need to make sure that all your materials are organized for easy access. This is where your old shoe organizer comes in because the pockets can hold all of your craft materials in one place.
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  1. Scarves and hat holders. Make your scarves and hats accessible in your closet by putting them inside your shoe organizer. Just hang it behind your closet door and you can simply pick out the one for your outfit.
  1. First aid kit organizer. Keep your first aid materials easy to find by utilizing your shoe organizer as your first aid kit. Place it in an area where everyone can access it easily.
  1. Vertical outdoor kitchen. Here is another creative use for your shoe organizer. If you often go on camping trips, why not transform your shoe organizer into a vertical outdoor kitchen? Put all your kitchen needs in the pockets like spices, knives, spoons and forks, and other utensils you will need for an enjoyable cooking experience while outdoors.
  1. Vertical garden. For gardeners, transform your old shoe organizer into a vertical garden. Simply fill up the pockets with soil, add the plants that you would like to add in your garden, and hang the shoe organizer on a wall.