11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water


A human body consists of almost 60% water.  Water can be found in cells, fats and it maintains the body’s regulation, especially temperature. Water helps in digestion and helps in excretion of body wastes and toxins. Water in the body can be lost in many ways; some of the ways are by sweating, defecation and urination. During disease processes, water loss is excess due to the body’s effort to compensate. Excess water loss in the body can be accompanied by electrolyte loss, which can be dangerous if not immediately attended to. Water is a human body’s necessity. Here are some more reasons why you should drink water.

  1. Controls Calories

Exercise and a good diet is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight. Drinking lots of water can also help maintain or lose weight. According to studies, drinking water is better than drinking high-caloric beverages. Also, foods with higher water content makes you feel fuller easier, making you eat less. Some example of the foods with high water contents are fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and beans.

  1. More Energy, Less Fatigue

Drinking more water makes you more focused and alert.  Water also helps in boosting energy levels without the need for energy drinks or caffeinated drinks which can be high in sugar content.

  1. For Headaches

Some headaches can be caused by dehydration. Drinking water might alleviate the headaches. Try drinking 2-3 glasses of water during a headache. If this does not help and the pain is severe and constant, it is advised to see your physician on this matter.

  1. Better Digestion

Since water is used up in digestion. Drinking lots of water helps ease digestion, especially for those who have difficulties in defecating. Drinking more than the usual intake of water paired with foods high in fiber can help digestion.

  1. Clear Skin

Unhealthy skin filled with acnes and bumps can be cause by too much toxin clogging up the pores. Water aids in flushing out toxins in the body. By drinking 10-12 glasses of water daily can help clear out skin and make it look healthier.

Image from Pixabay
  1. For Immunity

Lymph is the fluid that is part of the immune system. Lymph is with many compositions, including water. Increased intake of water can help improve or strengthen the immune system.

  1. Treat Hangovers

During hangovers, the body lacks fluids and electrolytes lost over vomiting which was replaced by alcohol, which is similar to dehydration, though dehydration is not the cause of hangovers. Water can help decrease hangover. Drink a glass of water in between alcohol drinks and drink at least one glass of water before going to bed.

  1. For the Kidneys

The kidneys are the organs that filter all the toxins in your body which will then be turned into urine. Drinking enough and the right type of fluids, there is not much stress on the kidneys. Water can help the kidneys to filter the toxins easily. And by drinking more water, kidney stones are less likely to build up.

  1. For the Joints

The joints of the body contain small amounts of fluid called the “Synovial Fluid”. The synovial fluid provides proper cushion and lubrication for the joints, it prevents the joints from grinding into each other upon movement. Drinking lots of water can help the body provide the proper amount of synovial fluid on the joints and keep it lubricated.

  1. Proper Circulation

Water helps in proper circulation. It helps in the transportation of nutrients through the blood all-throughout the body. Without water, organs will not receive proper nutrition.

  1. Save

Water is cheaper than most sugar-filled beverage. By buying water instead of a canned soda, you are healthier and you saved money.