12 Creative Home Organizing Ideas


It might be the close to the middle of the year but it’s never too late to start organizing your things at home. Spring cleaning is one of the best ways to get rid of things you don’t need anymore and to arrange those that you do need still properly.

Sometimes, you don’t need to purchase more boxes and containers to stow away stuff. You just need to put your creative hat on and repurpose some of the things you have at home. Here are a few examples.

Teacup Jewelry Holder

jewelry holder

Looking for a neat way to hold all your rings and earrings together, then check out this repurposed teacup project. Get an unused teacup and saucer. Glue the saucer on top of the overturned cup so that you end up with what look like a mushroom. The wide space of the saucer would be a good way to place your small accessories.

Crate Vinyl Box


If you have plenty of used fruit crates stocked up in your garage, you could recycle it to act as a storage box for all your vinyls. Vinyls need careful handling and simply placing them in a box could ruin them. They have to be placed in a standing position as opposed to lain flat and the crates are the perfect size to hold them all together in one place.

Old Tin Cans

pencil holder

Tin cans are any recyclers’ favorite project. Use old tin cans to organize your pens and other school supplies. Simply wrap it up with a nice giftwrapping paper to hide the rusty dents and you’re good to go.

These cans could also double as plant pots for your garden. Just drill some holes on the bottom part for water to seep through.

Vintage Suitcase


If you think these suitcases are already outdated, think again. The vintage design is a cool décor for any retro-themed home. It could be repurposed into a coffee table book with a hidden drawer inside, care of the luggage’s body. Or it could also be recycled into a quaint reading chair with half the luggage’s body as the seat and the other the back support.

Old Book Planters


These literary items might have gathered dust in the library but it sure won’t be doing that in your home. Transform an old hardbound book into a planter box or terrarium for a unique way to have plants inside your home.

Mason Jar Spice Bottles

These jars are not only good for housing preserves and pickles, it’s also a nice way to display and store spices in your kitchen. The transparent bottle makes it easier for one to identify which spice is on it and the tightly-screwed lid helps keep prolong the spices’ shelf-life and away from any pests and cockroaches.

Ladder Bookshelf


Take the unused ladder in your shed and repaint it to work as a quirky shelf to store your huge book collection.

Old Tissue Roll Cord Holders


Instead of discarding the rolls of your tissue, keep them and utilize as cord holders. You could design it with washi tape or colorful gift wrappers for a quirky look.

Shoe Organizer As Storage For Other Items

shoe organizer

The transparent shoe organizer could also double as any storage place for other supplies (cleaning, laundry supplies, arts and crafts, kitchen utensils). This is very functional and is a good way to save space. Simply hang it at the back of any cabinet or door and it’s ready to use.

Bent Spoon and Forks

bent fork

If you have some bent dining utensils at home, instead of throwing them out, recycle it into handy key hooks. Just screw on the wall of any piece of wood for easier hanging.

Window Screen Earring Holder

window screen

Cut a piece of window screen and attach on a vintage frame for a bit of shabby chic look. The tiny holes on the screen would be great to hang your earrings on for a clever organizing idea.

Ice Tray Organizer


If you have lots of small things scattered at home such as buttons, pins, beads and other knick-knacks, use an ice tray to organize them all together and for easier storage that saves up space.