12 Fun Facts About Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important and most satisfying things that people have to do on a daily basis. Sleeping allows your body to replenish your energy levels for yet another day and it gives your body some time to heal after a day of activities and stress. Despite how common sleeping is, there are still many mysteries surrounding it. Scientists and researchers continue to study why, how, and what happens when people and animals sleep. Because of this, many interesting facts about sleeping have surfaced over the many years it has been studied. Here are some surprising facts about sleep.

  1. Coloured dreams. Before coloured television was invented, only 15% of the people around the world dreamt in colour. Today, only 12% of the people around the world dream in black and white. Older people have more tendencies to dream in black and white than younger people.
  1. New moon. Although reasons are unclear, research shows that sleep is better on new moons and worse on full moons. The environment affects your sleep more than you know.
  1. Gender dreams. People usually dream of other persons, either and acquaintance or not. It is said that women dream of men and women equally but men dream of other men 70% more than dreaming of women.
  1. Delay sleep. All living things needs sleep to rest and replenish. In all mammals known, research shows that humans are the only mammals that are willing to delay sleep and to stay up extra hours.
  1. Cat’s sleep. If you are a cat lover and wondering how come you left your cat sleeping and arrived, 8 hours after, to it still sleeping, it is because cats sleep most of the time. Cats sleep for two-thirds of their lives.

  1. Falling asleep. Do you fall asleep easily? Have you lain in bed for only less than 5 minutes and have already fallen asleep? According to research, people who can fall asleep for less than 5 minutes after lying down in bed are sleep-deprived. Ideally, you should be lying down for 10-15 minutes before falling asleep.
  1. Faces. Have you dreamt of someone you cannot recognize? It is mostly unlikely. Faces in dreams or persons seen in dreams are of familiar faces and people. You can only dream of someone you have seen, may it be a stranger on the street or a face in a commercial.
  1. Cancer. If work cause you to be sleep-deprived, you are more likely to be more prone to cancer than any other causes of sleep-deprivation. Studies show that long-term night workers for women have higher risks and chances of breast cancer than others.
  1. Social Jet-Lag. The term used when your sleep pattern is messed up after a weekend of partying is “Social Jet-Lag”. This usually occurs to most if they have spent time partying and drinking alcohol all night, thus altering their circadian rhythm.
  1. Sign Language. Deaf people, although rarely, uses sign language while sleeping. It does not occur most of the time but there has been instances where a deaf child or partner “sleep-signs”.
  1. Peak. Being tired, even when you are not sleep-deprived can occur twice a day. This is also the reason why you are tired and sleepy after lunch. The time where you are most tired during the day is at 2AM and 2 PM.
  1. Sleep Paralysis. Have you experienced waking up in the middle of the night but you are certain your eyes are shut and your joints are locked, as if feeling paralyzed. This is sleep paralysis and is experienced by some. It is when your brain is active but your body is still asleep. This sensation will pass, but is a scary occurrence.