12 Simple Hacks to Beat Depression Naturally


Life is full of ups and downs, and it’s normal for anyone to feel under the weather once in a while. If you’re feeling unhappy, cheer up! Lifting your mood can be as simple as doing some of the following tips on combating depression naturally:

1. Have Enough Z’s

Experts say that people deprived of sleep are 10 times more susceptible to being depressed that those who spend 7 to 8 hours in dreamland nightly. So if you feel miserable and you suspect it’s due to having insufficient shut-eye, hit the sack. Having a glass of milk, a cup of chamomile tea, a piece of banana or a handful of tart cherries is a fantastic sleep aid.

2. Watch Funny Movies

Laughter helps boost the amount of happy hormones in your brain, allowing for a drug-free way to beat the blues. Plop on the couch and have a funny movie marathon night. Watching drama will only add more, uh, drama to your life.

3. Delete Sad Songs on the Playlist

It’s a bad idea to listen to sad songs when you’re feeling glum. Grab your smart phone or music player and ditch any song on the playlist that will only bring on the waterworks. Also, steer clear of radio stations that broadcast heartbreaking love songs. Fill the air with songs with upbeat tempo which can make you bob your head or get on your feet.

4. Get Some Exercise


Working out is a three-pronged depression buster. First, it causes an increase in endorphins in your brain, making you happy. Second, it keeps your mind off the things that make you feel miserable. Third, exercising helps you get in a great shape, making you feel good because you know you look good.

5. Put on Confidence-Boosting Clothes

Even if you’re planning on locking yourself up in your bedroom all day long (which you shouldn’t!), steer clear of pajamas and sweatpants. Opt for flattering clothes and see just how good they are at uplifting your mood.

6. Stay Away from Alcohol

If you think that drinking is good when you’re depressed because it makes you forget, better think again. Alcohol is a downer, something that will only make you feel more blah especially after all of your friends have left.

7. Ditch Caffeinated Beverages

When the caffeine in coffee and soda clears, you are likely to feel more down as well as fatigued. After all, there have been several studies linking caffeine to depression. It’s a better idea to opt for healthy fruit or vegetable juices, or plain water.

8. Be Surrounded with Friends


Speaking of friends, feeling glum is the perfect time to reconnect with people who can make you laugh. Even if both your body and mind want you to be alone, fight off the feeling and devote time and energy to being with friends. It’s a good idea to let your closest friends know what you’re going through to lighten your burden.

9. Look for a Creative Outlet

Embracing a creative leisure pursuit is a rewarding and an effective way to deal with depression. It doesn’t matter if it’s painting, gardening, pottery, photography or fixing cars. Take being down as an opportunity to introduce something worthwhile into your life that you have always wanted to try, be it hip-hop dancing, baking or martial arts.

10. Eat a Well-Balanced Meal

Depression can make you crave junk food like crazy. Once that tub of ice cream, bag of chips or box of donut is empty, you are only going to feel worse. Rather than wolf down products that are laden with sugar and fat, it’s a better idea to opt for nutritious meals. It’s easier to feel good if you know you’re doing your body a huge favor.

11. Be Like a Child and Play

When was the last time you ditched being an adult for a while and acted silly just like a child? Forget the rest of the world momentarily and play like you have never played before. It can be something as simple as a stroll through nature or something daring as playing dodge ball with your nieces and nephews and their friends.

12. Let There be Light

Allow as much sunlight as possible to enter the windows to make your home as well as mood brighter. Keep those blinds and drapes open and trim those trees and bushes that block sunlight. It’s also a good idea to purchase a light box. Experts say that light therapy works in 80% of cases of seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

Do you know something else that is tried-and-tested effective against those blues? Don’t forget to share and make someone smile!