13 Kitchen Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know


13 Kitchen Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

1) Soak the Almonds in the Water for 10-15 minutes , Now we Can Remove the Skin of Almond Easily

2)Add some Boiled rice with the Wheat Gram and Rice when Grinding.This gives you a Soft Dosas

3)Applying Lemon juice for the cut in the Apple for Browning.This helps in Keeping Apple fresh For a long time.

4)Garlic skin can be Easily peeled, when it is Slightly Warmed up Before Peeling

5)Add a pinch of Corn flour to Jar of Salt which Prevents it from Getting Damp

6)Applying oil in the sides of the vessel which we use to Boil milk will avoid the Overflowing

7)To avoid Crying in chopping Onions, cut them into two pieces and keep them in Water for 15 minutes and chop.

8)Adding a pinch of turmeric powder to the Oil in the cooking before the addition of Green Vegetables.It will retain the Greenness more even after cooking

9)Wrap the Paneer in Blotting Paper and keep in Refrigerator for Keeping fresh for So many Days

10)Keep the Green Peas in the Polythene Bag and Place in the freezer for Freshness

11)Place Tomatoes in the Water for 10 minutes, it makes it to easily peel them off and gives good taste in the cooking too

12)Tamarind is an Excellent Polisher in Copper and Brass items.Rub the desired shining part with wet slab tamarind and some salt sprinkled on it will give you total new look

13)Burn a Small grain of Asafoetida over the Burning coal and invert the empty pickle jar for some times before putting the pickles will avoid the growth of Fungi in Pickles

Image credits: homedsgn.com