13 New Uses For Everyday Items

Image from blog.handcare.org

Usually, items were created or invented to serve a specific purpose. For instance, nail polish was made for painting fingernails, muffin trays were created to make baking muffins easier, cardboard tubes were just meant for keeping tissue paper in place, etc. However, these everyday items and more actually have a couple of other unintended uses that you might find more practical for you. Using things for a purpose they were not originally meant for can help you accomplish your tasks easier and can make your life less complicated than it should be. Here are thirteen new uses for everyday items that will surely help make your life easier and more hassle-free.

  1. Opening jars. Wrap a rubber band several times around a stubborn jar lid that just won’t budge so you can get a better grip on it.
  1. Securing eyeglass screws. Add a coat of clear nail polish all over the screws of your eyeglass to keep it from getting loose, or if it’s already loose, to keep it in place. The clear nail polish will serve like a semi-strong invisible glue.
  1. Keeping an eyeglass intact. If the screws of your eyeglass loosened up and got lost, you can use a small earring stud to keep your eyeglass intact until you find time to replace the screw.
  1. Keep seat cushions in place. You can make use of a couple of Velcro strips to keep the seat cushions of your kitchen chairs in place and to stop them from sliding off.
Image from Lori Borgman
  1. Fridge deodorizer. Get rid of the rancid smell of your fridge using used tea bags. Place the used tea bags in a small bowl or jar then place it inside your fridge. The tea bags will help absorb most of the unappealing smell.
  1. Remove chewing gum from cloth. Fill a Ziploc bag with ice cubes then gently rub the bag over the gum until it hardens. Shatter the hardened gum then easily clean off the broken pieces. This method works for wax as well.
  1. Quickly find the end of a roll. You can wrap the end of a roll, such as tape, around a toothpick so you can quickly and easily locate the end the next time you need to use it.
Image from hemdenbank.de
  1. Secure buttons. Keep the threads on the buttons of your shirt from unravelling by applying a coat of nail polish on top of it. This can help stop a fraying thread so you won’t have to worry if you don’t have a sewing kit nearby.
  1. Refrigerator magnet. You can make a beautiful refrigerator magnet using some of your old jewelries. For instance, if you own a broken or seldom used brooch, you can remove the pins at the back of it using some wire cutters and replace it with magnet so you can use it to display notes or grocery lists on the fridge.
  1. Makeshift shaving cream. If you ran out of shaving cream or if you want something more efficient, you can make use of olive oil instead. Olive oil is smooth enough to allow a very close shave and it even nourishes your skin after use.
  1. Serving snacks. Coffee filters can serve like a disposable bowl that can be used to hold snacks such as popcorn. This is an especially useful trick if you’re inviting friends over so you won’t have to wash any dishes once they leave.
Image from Good Housekeeping
  1. Cleaning your keyboard. Use the sticky end of a post-it note to collect dust, crumbs, and bits of lint stuck in between the keys of your keyboard. Run the sticky end all around the keys of your keyboard to remove any debris. Alternatively, you can use an old make up brush you don’t use anymore.
  1. Paint scraper. Next time you paint something, stretch a rubber band around the length of the paint can and keep it at the center of the mouth of the can. After dipping the brush into the paint, scrape any excess off on the rubber band instead of the sides of the mouth of the can. This will make clean up easier.