13 Space Saving Ideas for Small Spaces


Space is usually the biggest issue when it comes to small homes but before you despair on where you will store your knickknacks, cutlery, and other household items, why not take a closer look at the space available in your home and see what you can do about it.

Converting whatever space you have available at home to usable storage spaces can solve a lot of problems. If you are running out of ideas on how to create new storage out of your existing space, here are a few worth considering.

1. Hidden Changing Table.
Is there a blank wall on your nursery? Why not convert it into a hidden changing table? You can put down the table whenever you need to change your baby’s diaper. You can also add built-in shelves to hold diapers, towels, and other baby items for easy access.

2. Cupboard Side Storage.
Wondering where to store your small pots and pans? How about your spatula and other cooking utensils? Take a look at the sides of your cupboards. The space available here is the perfect place to hang your kitchen utensils. You just need towel racks as well as screws to create a place for you to hang your cooking utensils. Make sure that you’re comfortable with drilling holes on your cupboard because this project will leave some holes afterwards.

3. Rolling Mini Pantry.
Do you want to have a pantry where you can store your canned goods and other spices? Is your kitchen too small to build one? How about creating a rolling mini pantry? Rolling mini pantry is perfect for that extra space on either side of your refrigerator. Just measure the space available and create a mini shelf that you can squeeze in the space. Add wheels below so you can easily pull out the shelf when you need something from your pantry.

4. Functional Furniture.
Your furniture isn’t just for decoration only but they can be converted into additional storage spaces for your knickknacks, books, and other household items.

5. Drawers Under the Cabinet.
Surprisingly, that extra space underneath your kitchen cabinets can be converted into drawers for extra storage.

6. Recessed Pantry.
The kitchen is usually one area of the house that needs that extra storage space. If your garage adjoins the kitchen, how about knocking a hole through the wall to create a recessed pantry? This helps open up additional space where you can store your canned goods and other kitchen items.

7. Stair Drawers.

The stairs in your home isn’t just for gaining access to the second floor. As a matter of fact, you can use the space underneath the stairs to create storage for your shoes, golf clubs, and other items that you want to keep out of sight.

8. Elevated Loft.
If you are thinking of converting your garage to a recreation room and office, adding an elevated loft can help double up the available space. You can use the loft as your work area while the space underneath can be used to store your office supplies or perhaps your pet’s house.

9. Shower Curtain with Pockets.
Is your bathroom a bit cramped? Why not make use of the space available in your shower curtain? Sew pockets on your shower curtain or look for one that has pockets so you can store your hair brush, clips, and other beauty items.

10. Ottoman Storage.

Convert your ottoman into an extra storage. If you have an old chair that you can repurpose, you can also add more room for storage while using it as an additional seating in your living room.

11. Magnetized Spice Jars.
If your shelves are in a mess, sort out your spices and store them in magnetized spice jars you can attach to your refrigerator.

12. False Front Drawers.
These are usually installed in cabinets where drawers can’t be installed. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use that extra space though. Just add hinges to them so you’ll be able to open them up and use the space to store sponges, kitchen items, or beauty products.

13. Cupboard Doors.
The back of your cupboard doors is also a good space to utilize. You can add screws to hold your measuring cups, spoons, ladles, and other small kitchen items that you may have.