14 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse


Women tend to carry around a lot of important things in their purses. Unlike men, women have a couple of essentials that just needs to be brought everywhere they go. That’s what makes purses and handbags so important for women—they are an efficient and portable way to carry necessary things. Plus, you can immediately stuff important items in your purse as you receive them to prevent them from getting lost. Bills, receipts, grocery lists—all those are usually found in women’s handbags. However, not all items in a purse are as temporary as grocery lists. There are those that must always be in a handbag because it is essential everywhere you go. Here are fourteen things every woman should have in her purse.

Item #1: Hand Sanitizer

You will encounter bacteria and germs everywhere you go—in the toilet, the grocery cart, money, public transport, as you sneeze, and more. To protect yourself and other people you come in contact with, especially children, you need to disinfect your hands with a hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers cleanses without drying your hands the way alcohols do.

Item #2: Cash

It goes without saying that cash should always be in your purse, stored separately from your wallet in case you lose your wallet.

Item #3: Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is the simplest form of self-protection you can have. You never know what may happen, where you might end up, or who you encounter, so it’s always handy to have a can of pepper spray ready in your bag in case the worse comes to worst.

Item #4: Safety Pins

Safety pins are an absolute lifesaver especially during wardrobe malfunctions. It can close up a popped button, a torn seam, and can hold a necklace together if the clasp broke.

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Item #5: Hair Items

Always keep a couple of hair ties, hairbands, bobby pins, or scrunchies in your purse to tame your hair when it gets out of control or when you start feeling too hot.

Item #6: Tampons or Pads

Always keep at least two tampons or pads in your handbag. One, you can give away to any woman in need, and the second, for yourself in case your period comes early.

Item #7: Pen

Many women fail to realize how important a pen is. Having a pen ready in your purse will keep you from having to look for one in case you need to jot down notes or fill up a form.

Item #8: Post It

It’s very handy to have even a small stack of post it in your purse. Since you can easily forget that you took down some notes on your phone, writing it down on your post it will help you remember. You can write down items you need to buy or tasks you have to do.

Item #9: Band-Aids

Apart from fixing up a cut or scrape, Band-Aids will provide relief to your heels as you strut those painful new shoes.

Item #10: Aspirin

Having a headache is very bothersome and distracting, and can limit your productivity at work. Carry a small bottle of aspirin everywhere you go for quick relief.


Item #11: Makeup

Makeup rarely survives in good condition throughout the day. Bring some of your makeup so that you can do your touch-ups on the go.

Item #12: Mirror

Either for retouching your makeup or checking if there’s something stuck on your teeth, mirrors are the go-to item. Since you can’t always go to the bathroom just to use the mirror, carry one for yourself instead.

Item #13: Blotting papers

Unlike napkins or tissues, blotting papers can efficiently absorb oil. So instead of applying powder again and again, use some blotting papers to remove the shine from your nose or forehead, and to remove the sweat on your upper lip or brows.

Item #14: Moisturizer

It’s not unusual to find dry patches of skin especially during cold weather. A small bottle of moisturizer will easily fix it up and it can soothe your tired hands as well.