15 Alternative Uses For Petroleum Jelly


The humble petroleum jelly is one of the most versatile products one could ever have at home. It could be used as a beauty product, a skin-soothing agent and even as shoe shine wax. If you’ve ever wondered what other ways you could maximize that tub of petroleum jelly you have at home, then check out the list below.

1. Makeup Remover

makeup remover


Instead of spending money to buy yourself makeup remover, use this lubricant instead. Simply place enough amount all over your face and neck and massage in circular motion to lift the traces of makeup. Wipe it off with tissue or cotton.

2. Lip Balm

Cold weather left your skin chapped? Petroleum jelly to the rescue. Simply put some on your lips to smoothen it. Apply every time you feel your lips going dry. This could also work as gloss when dabbed on top of your matte lip color.

3. Fix unruly eyebrows

In between waxing? Put a small amount of this product on your brows and comb it with an eyebrow brush or clear mascara wand to give shape and body to it.

4. Use as makeup highlighter

makeup highlighter


For a dewy look, dab a small amount of petroleum jelly on the parts of your face that you want to highlight such as your cheekbones, chin and forehead. The shine would highlight the bone structure of your face, giving you that model look.

5. Moisturize dry hands and feet

Before you head to bed at night, lather some petroleum jelly on your hands and elbows and your feet and knees. Wrap your hands with mittens and your feet with socks to lock the moisture in overnight.

6. Extend your lotion

If your daily lotion is running low and you simply cannot go on without any moisturizer, add some jelly with the lotion and rub all over your body,

7. Tame frizzy hair

frizzy hair


Pat down on dry hair to keep it from going out of control.

8. Prolong your perfume

Petroleum jelly helps keep the scent of your fragrance to last longer. Dab this product on the pulse points in your hand and neck and leave it on for one minute before spraying on your perfume.

9. After-shaving lotion

Because lotion and other moisturizers contain harsh chemicals, it could irritate you after shaving. Your skin is sensitive and more prone to irritation right after shaving so instead of lathering on lotion to keep it smooth and moisturized, use petroleum jelly instead. This clear product is free from any harsh additives that could cause irritation and burns on your skin.

10. Lubricant on squeaky furniture

squeaky furniture


If the sound of creaks and squeaks at home do not sit well with you, then it’s probably high time that you lubricate your old cabinets and doors. The petroleum jelly work like oil to keep the mechanism of these furniture slick and proper.

11. Restore leather

Leather might be resilient from wear and tear but it does get dirty and marks from use. Instead of buying expensive leather moisturizer, use petroleum jelly and wipe clean after.

12. Remove gum from wood

Accidentally placing gum on any woodwork is annoying. The sticky nature of the gum could be very difficult to remove. Use petroleum jelly on the wad of gum and rub it with a cloth or rag until it slowly comes off. This could also be used on those stubborn price tag marks.

13. Remove stuck rings

stuck rings


Ring won’t come off your finger? Use this product to lubricate the area where your ring is on so that it could slide off easily.

14. Remove cracked heels

Too much walking or heat could sometimes crack your heels. This happens when not enough moisture is available in that part of your body. To sooth cracked heels, apply petroleum jelly on your whole foot including your heels and leave on overnight. It is best to keep your feet wrapped with socks so that the moisture is sealed in. Do this daily.

15. Soothe burns

If your SPF was not enough to protect your skin from burns, simply lather on petroleum jelly to sooth it. This could also be done on burns, which resulted from cooking and oil spills.