15 Unusual Ways to Use Nail Polish


Many women are fond of nail polish since it can add a charm like no accessory can. And since frequent manicures and pedicures from professionals can be quite costly, women usually polish their nails on their own. The consequence of this is that different colours of nail polish stack up at home and most usually dry out before they’re even completely used up. To prevent this, consider using the nail polish for something else. Because of the components of nail polish, they can actually serve more purposes other than polishing nails. You can use them to fix or treat some issues around the house or to finish some DIY project you’re doing. To give you more idea, here are some unusual uses for nail polish.

1. Tarnish Problems

Do you get that green marks on your fingers after wearing a costume ring? You can use clear nail polish to prevent tarnishing. Just paint a thin layer of the nail polish in the jewelry.

2. No More Smudge

Have you ever had labels that smudge because it got wet? You can use clear nail polish to prevent smudging in labels.

3. Prevents Rust

To prevent rust or dirt in screws, belt buckles, etc., you can cover it with a layer or two of clear nail polish. This can help preserve these items.

4. No More Glue?

Are you in the middle of an important gluing-task and suddenly all your glue ran out? You can use clear nail polish or any color that may suit your project as sticking material. One or two coats are enough or it depends on your project. This idea mostly works on paper project,

5. Keys

If you have lots of keys and you lose track on most of them, you can color code them using nail polish. It will be much easier and no memorization is needed if you could also paint a small amount of the same color to the door knob or lock similar to its key.

6. Button It Up

You can use clear nail polish to secure the threads on your buttons to remove the fear of them popping out. Just dab a coat or two on the button, make sure you include the thread.

7. No More Ravelling

To prevent ravelling of threads, twines, shoe laces or small ropes, you can use clear nail polish instead of exposing them to fire. Just dip the end to the bottle of clear nail polish to prevent fraying.

8. Markings

You can use colored nail polish to mark levels on buckets, pitchers, etc. Make sure its outside the drinking part if used in pitchers or glasses.

9. Wart Remover

Yes, you can remove warts with a clear nail polish. Just cover them with nail polish and watch them disappear in a week. Make sure to throw the nail polish used to prevent them from spreading to other areas or people. If warts or other symptoms persist, visit your physician immediately to prevent further complications.

10. Stocking Runs

Use clear nail polish to prevent further running. This will help you keep your stockings for a longer time.

11. Unique Shoes

“You can tell a lot about people just by looking at their shoes”
You can express the inner you through your shoes by using different colors of nail polish. Make it colourful or make it not, the design is for you to decide. And it would not be removed easily under the rain too.

12. Splintered No More

You can use clear nail polish to smooth out splintered furniture. You can also use a brown nail polish if it suits the furniture.

13. Scuffed Boots Problem

You can cover scuffs in your boots with clear nail polish and make these boots good as new.

14. Rust Free Metal

You can use clear nail polish to prevent metals from rusting. Just dab a coat or two over the material.

15. Old Cases to New

Do you have old cellphone cases or other cases? You can use nail polish to give them a new life and color. You can use different colors as desired.