20 Uses For Baby Oil That Does Not Involve Babies


Baby oil is often associated with babies and hygiene, mostly because this gentle and non-comedogenic oil is very friendly on baby’s sensitive skin. But this product is not only good for newborn and infants alike but it is also great for adults.

1. Baby oil could be used to gently clean up earwax that has built up without damaging the ear canal.

2. This all-around product could be used as a makeup remover for those with sensitive skin as the oil is non-comedogenic and would not harm those with allergies or prone to irritation.

3. Baby oil could be used as an alternative to after shaving lotion as it is gentle enough to add moisture to the skin to prevent from having those annoying razor burns.

4. Alternately, you could also use the oil as an alternative to shaving cream if your skin is prone to allergies.

5. The minerals in baby oil is effective in moisturizing and softening skin that is why it could also be used as treatment to cracked and dry heels. Simply lather on the baby oil on your feet and wrap it up with socks overnight to seal the moisture in.

6. Baby oil contains vitamin E that is very good to skin. Pregnant mothers could use this oil to prevent and lessen the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Apply the oil twice a day daily for better results.

7. You could apply baby oil on patches of dry skin for immediate soothing and moisturizing effects.

8. If you are suffering from dry and frizzy hair, you could add a drop of baby oil and smoothen all over your hair to tame away baby hair that is sticking up. It is also effective in keeping split ends at bay. Just massage a bit of oil on the ends of your hair to keep the ends from breaking up.

9. For smooth and silky hair, you could also have a baby oil treatment to add moisture. As this treatment could be very oily and slick on the skin, it is recommended that you do this at night. Get one-fourth cup of baby oil, warm it in the microwave and lather on hair and scalp. Cover it with a shower cap and leave it on overnight. Wash it off the following day with warm and cold water alternately until all oil has been removed. This treatment would keep your hair smooth, silky and less prone to tangles.

10. Peel off stubborn bandages without losing hair. Rub baby oil around the area of the bandage, let it seep and then slowly peel off.

11. This oil could also remove price tags that would not come off.

12. Baby oil is a great lubricant to remove stuck rings. Just rub it on the finger and slowly slip off the jewelry.

13. Temporary tattoos could also be removed with baby oil. Just pour a bit of oil on the tattoo and rub it off until it comes out of the skin.

14. For a luxurious and moisturizing bath, add one-fourth cup of oil on a tub full of warm water and soak yourself for a relaxing bath.

15. This versatile oil could also be used as an alternative to leather shoe polish. Just add a drop of oil on the shoe and buff it up until its former glory shines through.

16. Baby oil could be used as tanning oil with the simple addition of tincture iodine. Add a few drops of 2% iodine to baby oil and lather on skin before you head out under the sun to bake. Just be careful not to stay too long under the sun as it does not contain SPF to protect you from its harmful UV rays.

17. Polish tables and counter-tops. A few drops is all you need to keep your tables shiny and glossy.

18. Squeaky hinges and doors could easily be fixed with a drop of baby oil to bring it back to perfect working condition again.

19. Baby oil could also be used as a relaxing and warming body massage oil.

20. Massage some oil on your cuticles to soften it up before getting a manicure and pedicure.