4 DIY Hair Accessories

Image from ellefrost.com

Trends change almost every week. Someone who wants to keep up with the latest trend needs to work hard. Not everyone can spend too much money on trends. Since trends change instantly, you must be knowledgeable of ways to keep up without spending too much. In order to keep up with trends and still save money for more important things like food and necessities, you must learn DIY or Do-it-yourselves projects. One of the greatest fashion statements that will always be in trend is a hair piece. A good hair piece can last you a lifetime and you can make hundreds of DIY hair accessories which can accommodate your style and taste. Here are some of DIY hair accessories you can make.

  1. Embellished Barrette

Are you the kind of girl who likes to use barrettes? You can use an old or plain one to embody a new style you have. Use a plain barrette to put your personal style. You can use a piece of leather fabric, some crystals, quartz and gems with your choice of color, a strong glue and scissors to create a hair accessory. Cut a piece of leather the same length as the barrette and glue it in. Embellish in some crystals, quartz and gems in the leather.

Image from EBay
  1. Headscarf With Wire

If head scarves are your thing and you have fabrics lying around, you can make your own headscarf you can use every day to add a little statement to your outfit. You will be needing fabric, a pair of scissors, wire cutters, sewing materials and some wire (framing or floral). Measure the fabric around your head, make sure to have excess fabric for the ribbon or bow part of the headscarf and excess fabric for sewing. Fold the fabric and cut out a little angle at the tips. Sew the parts needed to be sewed, leave an edge open for the wire. Turn the fabric right side out. Cut a wire long enough for the fabric and twist the edge that it forms a circle. Measure properly and insert it through the fabric. Sew the circle in the edge to keep it in place. Lastly is to close the open edge through sewing.  Tie it around your head and you are done.

Image from Love Maegan
  1. Hair Comb

A simple bun can be made elegant by a colourful hair comb. You can manipulate a plain hair comb and add a little color to it and use it for your hair comb. All you will need are fabric strips, a hair comb and a pair of scissors. Slip the fabrics in the hair comb and knot. Repeat the same process on every space in the comb until you reach the edge. Upon reaching the last space in the comb, weave again, going back to where you started. Tie the final knot, cut extra fabric pieces and you are done. Just put your hair in a simple, messy bun and put the hair comb to secure it.

  1. Chain Tie

A perfect hair accessory is something that will look good on your hair and on your arm when you are not using it. You can make your own chain tie with a few simple materials, elastic, chain, a pair of scissors, cutting pliers and sewing materials. Cut the elastic and chain into a length estimated to tie your hair which can be wrapped two to three times. 5.5cm or 1.5 inches is a suggested length. Anchor the elastic onto the chain, sliding the elastic inside the first chain. Sew to secure. Similar step is done to the other edge of the chain and the elastic. It’s all done. You can use it every day or when not in use for hair tying, you can put it around your arm as added charm.