4 DIY Pencil Case Ideas

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How much have you spent for your school material or your child’s school materials? School materials take a large portion of a parent’s or a student’s yearly budget. You will need lots of pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and highlighters for a school year. Most of these items are replaced easily not because it has been used up, but rather because you lost the items or someone borrowed but haven’t returned it yet. To prevent losing these school materials, you need to organize them and place them in a pencil case. Since pencil case can also cause a lot, you can DIY a pencil. Here are a few ideas on how to DIY your own pencil case.

  1. Pencil Tube

This DIY pencil case is great for the kids since it is harder and more durable than a plastic, store-bought pencil case. It is not that difficult to make. You will only be needing an elastic band, card stock, double-sided tape, foam brush, small mailing tube, patterned paper, a hole punch. The first step is to cut the small mailing tube into two parts and cover the tubes with patterned paper. Punch a hole on two opposite sides of the part of one of the tubes and tie the elastic in them. Roll the card stock and place it inside the tubes, glue it in place. You can design the tubes further as desired.

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  1. Pompoms

This pencil case needs a little sewing. This can also work as a make-up pouch or coin pouch. The materials you will need are one 9 inch zipper, pompom ribbon, scrap fabric (10 inches wide), ruler, pencil, iron and pins. First is to lay out your fabric, back side up, to be measured. Measure the fabric, 9.5 inches from bottom to top and 6.5 or 7 inches from right to left. After making the measurements, cut the fabric. Lay the fabric making sure that the back of the fabric are facing each other and the front sides are showing. Fold the fabrics in half, showing the fabric you want to be the inner part of the pencil case. Sew the sides, leaving a ¼ inches allowance on the top part for the zipper. Iron the fabric. Sew in the zipper, double checking how it will look like and how it will open or close after sewing. After sewing in the zipper, turn the fabric inside out. Measure out your pompom on the part you want it to be. Sew in the pompom on the zipper’s side. You can then now put in pencils and ballpens in your new pencil case.

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  1. Felt Pencil Case

This is a pencil case great for those who opt for a smaller bag to work or would rather have their pencil case in their pocket in order to grab any pencil or pen while on the run. The materials you will need are felt, embroidery thread and needle with a large eye, button and shears. Cut the felt in desired length and width, a suggested length is 2 ½ x 18 inches. It should look like a rectangle which can accommodate the length of your pens. Fold the bottom up, 6 inches. Sew the sides and bottom, leaving top side open using a running stitch. Sew in a button on the flap. Cut a buttonhole on the other side, measure first before cutting. And there you have a felt pencil case.

  1. Old Leggings Pencil Case

You will only need the zippered leggings for this, some pins and thread and needle. First is to lay your leggings flat, cut 3 cm higher than the zipper of the leggings. It is best if you cut straight. Cut another piece of the legging 5 cm longer than the first one. Cut it along the seams and cut it into strips. The thicker the strips, the thicker the plaits or braids will be. Plait or braid three strips together. Make these braids so you can fill the sides of the pouch. Stitch the plaits on the first cut fabric. Turn it inside out and stitch the sides shut.