4 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home


Mosquitos are annoying. Aside from the buzzing sound they leave beside your ear, having this insect bite you leaves a mark that are itchy, red and could sometimes even be swollen.

The ones mentioned above are some of the simple things mosquitoes do that bring discomfort to people. But more than that, these small and airborne insects are known to spread germs that cause different illnesses. In fact, in recent years, many people have died from viruses that have been transmitted through mosquito bites. Encephalitis, yellow fever and dengue are just among the few that have been diagnosed all over the world.

Ridding your home and backyard from these pesky mosquitoes may seem such a daunting task but it is possible. One only needs to follow these simple tips to keep the mosquito population in your area at an all-time low.

Clean Your House

Mosquitoes do not necessarily get attracted with dirt but ensuring that your place is clean and neat keeps them away, even for a short time. Having a tidy place is not just useful in keeping these pesky insects away, but it also prevents other pests from being attracted into camping at your home.

Plants and trees are places where mosquitoes take refuge. Prevent this by keeping your lawn tidy and trim. Cut of extra branches from trees that are growing wild, fill in open tree stumps, trim the grasses and shrubs so that everything is neat and leaves no place for a mosquito to lay eggs on.

Get Rid Of Standing and Stagnant Water

These stinkers only need a small amount of water to breed its army. A 4-inch diameter plant saucer with water is enough breeding place for these annoying pests. So the best way to keep them off your yard and your home is to remove everything that could collect water. Plant pots, dog bowls and birdbaths are all potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Always tip off water that collects on these materials so the insects would not have a place to camp at.

If there are uneven ground and holes in your backyard and inside your house, fill it up. This way, there would not be a vacant spot for the mosquitoes to live in.

Also, remove unnecessary clutter in your home. So many things in your houses could be a breeding place for these insects and you were not even aware of it. Check your garage and organize things. Throw away old bottles, pots and even old tires if you have no plans to reuse them immediately. They could only collect water and welcome mosquitoes inside.

If the old tire has been utilized for a child’s swing, make a hole in the bottom so that any water that is retained leaks out.

Gutters, canals and pipes are also very common places for mosquitoes to thrive so before the rainy season arrives, ensure that these are all clean and without water. You could also hire a professional to do the cleaning for you.

Enlist The Help Of Your Garden

There are certain plants and herbs that have ingredients effective in warding mosquitoes off. Plants such as lemongrass, geranium and marigold are known to keep off mosquitoes and its essential oils used in making insect repellants. You could grow these plants in your garden as well as keep a healthy number of these in plants to be placed strategically inside your home.

Herbs such as rosemary and garlic also emit a certain scent that is unattractive to mosquitoes so planting them in your garden would keep the insects away.

Utilize Natural Insect Repellants

Aside from citronella, garlic and rosemary, there are other natural repellants that could be used against these pesky suckers. Used coffee grounds could be placed in a pot to act as a natural repellant. Just be sure to check if the pot has accumulated water as it could become the opposite and be a breeding ground for mosquito eggs.

Switch on the fan and adjust the vent so the air goes straight to you. This is one effective way to keep these insects from flying and invading your personal space as the air would be too strong for their tiny wings.