5 Affordable Summer Vacation Ideas


Summer begets thoughts of travel: road trip, camping, fishing, relaxing on the beach, visiting a theme park or just dropping by grandma and grandpa’s farm. There’s just no better time to put on your wanderlust and have fun under the sun.

Fortunately, going on a vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether your family’s looking for a relaxing time on the beach or take a heart-pounding ride in the whitewater rapids, there’s a destination for you and your family that’ll suit your taste but won’t make a dent on the savings account.

1. Staycation


If you haven’t heard of this term, staycation essentially means a “stay-at-home vacation”. You don’t have to leave your home, take a plane or sleep in a hotel to go on a vacation.

Turn off your phone, setup your voice mail and vacation responder, don’t check your usual news feeds and allow yourself a break from everyday life and the media that comes with it. Go grocery shopping and stock on ice cream, chips and dips. You’re on vacation after all. Rent those movies you’ve been dying to see and have a movie marathon. Organize a barbecue potluck and invite your neighbors for a summer night out.

Go visit your local park and have a picnic, go bike riding and explore the bike trail in your woods, see your local museum, or hangout in your local mall where you’re bound to find lots of entertainment and eating options. Chances are, there are places in your city or hometown that you haven’t yet explored.

Staycation doesn’t necessarily require spending. All you need is your imagination.

2. Take a road trip

Although gas prices are on the rise, taking a road trip is still one of the most inexpensive options for a vacation.

Grab a map, pack a large cooler, stock up on chips and munchies, stop at groceries along the way, sing songs, tell jokes and stories and enjoy the road and the time spent together with your family.

3. Visit a national park

national park

You can purchase an annual National Park pass for $80 and visit the 58 national parks spread across the United States. Take your pick from big names like Yellow Stone, the Grand Canyon, d Yosemite and the Everglades. When in the park you can go hiking, swimming and canoeing and setup a tent for a very affordable fee.

4. Visit friends or relatives

Think of friends or relatives that live in another city who would love to have you stay and come over for a while. Ask them to show you around their city or take you to local events.

5. Exchange houses

Talk to your friends and see if their family needs a break from their daily routine, too. Swap houses or apartments for the weekend. A change in routine and scenery can do wonders in giving you that break that you need.