5 DIY Paper Crafts


Paper is perhaps the most used material when it comes to creating arts and crafts. After all, the usefulness of it as a medium for expressing creativity is without a doubt extremely high. Be it construction paper, corrugated paper, special paper, crepe paper, or more, paper has many applications when it comes to arts. After all, paper can be freely folded, cut, and written on. That’s also why paper is an extremely useful material when it comes to creating DIYs. There are so many new items and decorations you can make out of paper alone. Here are five DIY paper crafts you can try.

1. Custom puzzle

Custom puzzleimage source

If you want a puzzle that forms an image you like, you can easily make it using paper. Print out the image you want as a puzzle then paste it on top of a thick board such as chipboard or illustration board. Cut out the part of the picture you want to be included in the puzzle into the shape you want it to be such as a heart or square or rectangle. Then, trace out jigsaw pieces at the back of the board and cut it out using scissors or X-Acto knife. This makes a perfect gift for someone special.

2. Angel decoration

Angel decorationimage source

Looking for ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree? You can make a simple angel ornament out of paper. Trace a Y in the middle of a circular piece of paper then cut it out following the lines of the letter Y. Glue the two bigger pieces on the back of the triangular piece so that all three pieces overlap. Add a smaller circular cut-out on top of the triangular piece to serve as the angel’s head. Secure a string on the back to hang it on your Christmas tree or on the walls or simply glue the angel directly on your scrapbook.

3. Giant rose

All you need is some stem wires, floral tape, glue, and crepe paper to make a gorgeous giant rose. Cut out large, heart shaped petals on a pink crepe paper. Wrap three stem wires together with floral tape. Then, wrap the tip of the petal slightly around the stem wire and secure it in place with more floral tape. Just keep adding petals around the stem wire until you have a huge rose. Add a calyx using green crepe paper and some leaves using green crepe paper and stem wire to make the giant rose even more realistic.

4. Finger puppets

Finger Puppetimage source

Paper napkins make great finger puppets since they’re flexible and can be easily folded into a variety of shapes. Turn a bunch of paper napkins into your desired puppet, be it human or animal. There are a bunch of ways you can do this. You can either fold the paper napkins into an animal to make origami finger puppets or simply shape the paper napkin into the puppet you want. Draw on the details of the face of the puppets to accentuate what they’re supposed to be. Make these with your kids for a fun playtime.

5. Paper heart

Paper heart in hand 1image source

Paper Heart 2image source

You can stick these paper hearts into a cupcake or decorate it in a vase. Since you can put a message inside the heart, you can also give it to someone special. Starting with a square piece of coloured paper, fold it on two opposite corners to make a triangle. Fold the two corners of the long end of the triangle upward to make a diamond. Fold half of the diamond downwards and fold only the tips of the other half inward to make a rough heart shape. Finally, fold the sharp edges to make a smooth heart. Don’t forget to put a message inside before you start folding.