5 Easy DIY Dog Toy Ideas


Giving your dog toys is a great way to keep them entertained. All too often, dogs who misbehave like chewing off a corner in your couch or table have lots of energy but have nothing to do. Toys can steer dogs to healthy behavior. Help them use up excess energy and most importantly, a way for you two to bond and play together.

One downside of this though is that dog toys can be pricey, particularly if your dog chews through his toys excessively. So why not make your own homemade toys for your dog? DIY dog toys are not only cheap, but they can also be customized according to your dog’s personality. Here’s a list of 5 easy DIY dog toys you can make with materials already found in your home.

1. Cereal box treat


cereal box

Doggie treats + ripping and tearing = happy dog. At least this is the formula that works in this DIY dog toy. Get an empty cereal box, place a few treats inside and then tape the box shut with masking tape. You can also put food-stuffed kongs in the box instead of treats. Give the box to your furry four-legged friend and watch him enthusiastically rip and tear at the box to get to the treat. By the time he’s finished your box would have been ripped to shreds and you’ll have more space in your bin.

2. Kitchen towel braids

This toy is a great way to use your old kitchen towels. Get an old, gnarly kitchen towel and cut two slits along its length, stop at about an inch from the top. Make sure the slits are equidistant from each other. Braid the towel as you would braid hair and knot the ends to keep it from unravelling. Presto! You have a sturdy dog rope toy that your pup will enjoy for hours.

3. Knotty ball of goodness

Cut a long strip of fabric. Tie a knot at the center then tie a knot over it. Repeat the process until you have a giant ball of a knot. Snip off the extra fabric from the ends and roll it to your dog for hours and hours of chewing pleasure.

For an extra treat, soak the knot in water or beef stock and put in the freezer. He’ll enjoy licking and gnawing at the ice.

4. Garden hose hoop

garden hose

Cut a section of garden hose and insert a 3-inch branch on one end, making sure that it fits tightly. Curve the hose around and insert the other end into the piece of branch sticking out from the other end. You now have an inexpensive throwing hoop.

Alternatively, you can knot a piece of hose or stockings over the hoop to make a flying disc.

5. A jar of pure delight

Take an empty plastic jar and smear the sides and bottom with bacon grease. Let the grease harden and give it to your pup to lick for hours. Or you can just give your pup an empty peanut butter jar. Easy, no fuss, but no less pleasurable for your furry pal.