6 Creative DIY Planters

Image from Inhabitat

There is no denying the importance of plants in maintaining a clean environment with fresh air. Apart from this, people who grow plants in their home find it relaxing, fun, and almost therapeutic. This way, not only do they get to relieve stress from growing and taking care of plants, they also freshen up the air around their home. Growing plants is easy. If you’re not a green thumb then choose plants which do not require much maintenance. Plants can also serve an aesthetic purpose as they provide a pop of colour in your home. If you want to make your plants look even more beautiful, consider designing them a simple yet stunning planter where they can grow in. Here are six creative DIY planter ideas that will surely make your plants stand out.

  1. Floppy Disk Planters

Floppy disks are no longer a tech necessity—the way it was two decades ago. However, floppy disks are often still found lying around homes and attics from the time when they were still used. Fortunately, there are many ways floppy disks can be repurposed and one of those ways is by turning them into a simple planter. Use a hot glue to secure four floppy disks side-by-side to form a square. Then, glue another disk at the bottom for the base. Put some soil then plant a small plant inside it.

  1. Food Container

Many types of food such as yoghurt and ice cream come in food containers which you can turn into a planter. To make it look even more special, spray paint the outside of the container and add any decorative pieces you want. Make sure you poke some holes at the bottom of the container for drainage before adding the soil and plants.

Image from www.abeautifulmess.com
  1. Hanging Bowl Planter

You can make a pretty hanging planter with just a string and an old bowl. Just tie the string into a net and use it to hold the bowl. Put your soil and plants into the bowl and hang it up by the string. This will not only save some space around your house, but it will also transform any space into a more elegant-looking room.

  1. Book Planters

Repay Mother Nature for the trees that have been used to make the paper on books by using the old books you no longer use to grow plants that provide oxygen and cleanse the air. Use a sharp cutter or knife to hollow out a circular hole at the center of a closed book, starting from the hardcover, in order to provide a space to grow your plant. Don’t cut through the entire width of the book. Instead, leave the back hardcover along with one-fourth of the pages untouched to hold the soil and plant. Make sure you use thick books for this.

  1. Cement Planter

Cement planters are very simple to make and they look great anywhere. Start by filling a large container with a mixture of one part cement and four parts sand. Once it’s filled, place a smaller container at the center of the cement mix. Don’t let the smaller container reach all the way through the bottom of the larger container or else there won’t be a base to hold your plants. Let the cement completely dry then remove the containers. Drill some holes at the bottom for drainage and plant your plant at the space left by the smaller container.

Image from Country Living
  1. Hanging Colander Planter

What makes an old colander a great planter is that you no don’t have to worry about drainage since it already has holes in it. Apart from that, it looks incredibly unique and creative. All you have to do is attach three hooks at equal distance around the rim of the colander. Place a chain on each hook and attach a single, final hook at the other end of each chain. Hang the colander up by this final hook once you’ve planted your plant. You can even repaint the colander first if you want.