6 DIY Curtain Tie Backs

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Curtains are one of the great features of a home. It can add color, dimension and character to a room. Curtain can cover up a window and can be opened when desired. It can let the light in or it could just keep your room dark. A curtain is a critical part of a room, it may make or break it. If you opt for a closed-curtain room, make sure you have proper lighting and ventilation for the room. If you opt an open curtain, make sure you have a great curtain tie to compliment the curtain and the room. Here are a few ideas for a DIY curtain tie.

  1. Brass Curtain Tie

This is a great idea for those rooms with a pastel motif since brass or golden color mixes so well with pastel. You will only need a brass swivel eye snap hook, cream cotton cord, scissors, needle and thread. These materials can be found at a local craft store. Measure the bunched up curtain you will use this tie on and double the measurement. Then, pull the cord in half having two loosed ends in the middle. Using a cow hitch knot, loop the cord through the eye of the snap hook. Finally, overlap the needle through both loose ends and stitch needle through both, repeat steps until secured. Wrap the ends with a clear tape to prevent thread ends.

  1. Bracelet

A simple yet creative idea for a Tie back is to use bracelets. It is simple to use and simple to find as well. It will add character to the curtain and to the room. You can also add velcro to the bracelet and to wall so the bracelet will look like as if it is attached to the wall. Make sure to choose a bracelet that is adjustable so it will not fall and slide from the curtain.

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  1. Ribbon Tie Backs

Ribbons are one of the easiest to find craft material and oftentimes, we have spare ribbons lying around in our home. For this project, you will need two strips of ribbon 2inches thick and 26inches long, double sided tape, 4 D-Rings, 2 wall hooks, and 2 charms of choice. First is to fold each ribbon in half, placing a D-ring at each end. Loop the bottom half of the ribbon through the ring and tape 2 inches in from the end. Repeat this step for the top half, but this time, attach the D-ring with a charm attached in it.  Attach hooks on the outside of the window and hook the rings.

  1. Store-bought Tie Back

If you already have bought a tie back and find that it is too different and simple for your taste or for your room and curtain, you can use this simple tie back you bought from the store and embellish it to accommodate your taste and your room. This way, you get what you want with what you have. Glue in an embellishment of choice to your store-bought tie back and use it as indicated.

  1. Necktie

This is great for a man’s room or a little boy’s room. You can use a necktie as a curtain tie back. This is great because you can adjust the necktie according to the thickness of the curtains. Just tie the necktie as you would tie it to a person’s neck. Choose a necktie that compliments the room and the curtain. Black or dark colors are a great choice for it blends well with anything.

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  1. Belt

A belt can also be used as a tie back. It can add that simple and edgy look to your room. You can add extra holes to the belt to accommodate the thickness of the curtain.